Pearl Jam Member Announces Tragic Death Of His Ex-Bandmate


Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron has announced the death of Fred Chalenor, who he worked on a band with that never fully got off the ground in the mid 90’s.

He wrote on Instagram, “Rest In Power Fred Chalenor. Fred was a huge inspiration to me as a young musician. I was in awe of him when I first saw him play with Face Ditch in the early 80s. When the opportunity presented itself to play music together, I jumped at the chance and recorded one of my favorite records, Ankety Low Day.

In the mid nineties, we wrote and recorded music together in hopes of starting a avant-garde rock band. We never got that far with the band, but one bit of music I was working at that time with Fred later became the Soundgarden song Limo Wreck. He was a once in a lifetime musician and will be truly missed by all of us in the PNW music scene and around the world.”

View the full tribute post below.

  • Dave Wight

    Can we just refer to Matt Cameron as a Soundgarden member, he deserves better.

    • Corndog

      Why? Soundgarden are crap. That’s my opinion so you and everyone else reading this have to accept that as absolute fact just because i said so. That’s how this works, oh high and mighty Dave the music nazi, right? I’ll pass on the goat, thanks.

      • Olga Stewart

        Ha ha!

        He’s still spouting off, is he?

        • Corndog

          The gospel according to St. dipshit. He can’t help himself. He does it all over the internet too, not just here.

          • Olga Stewart

            Dear lord. :(.