Pearl Jam React To Bad New Album Rumors, Will 2019 Tour Happen?


Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready was recently interviewed on KEXP, and he discussed the band’s new album, and addressed rumors that it will come out in 2019, despite the release of a new song titled “Can’t Deny Me” coming in spring 2018.

The KEXP host said he was looking forward to a new album.

McCready said, “Yeah, me too. I don’t know where we’re at in that process right now (laughs). So we’ll see, I’ve heard rumors that it’s next year. I don’t know where we’re at in that process right now. I wish we did.”

He was then asked if there would be a tour to promote it.

“I’m sure we’ll do something to promote it. I’ll come in here and say (in joking voice), ‘Play this record.'”

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament was recently interviewed by 103.3 The Trail in Montana, and he gave an update on the band’s new album, stating that he hopes the band will get back to work on the record soon, and that it is only halfway done with ‘a lot’ of work still to be done.

“Yeah, we are smack dab in the middle. We have a lot of work to do. Once we get these shows done, we will probably get back at it. I hope.”

He was then asked if his bandmates ever come out to his home to work on new material.

“Occasionally yeah, those guys come out.”

Pearl Jam are expected to release a new album in 2019. Their last album was 2013’s Lightning Bolt.

  • Corndog

    “I’ve heard rumours that it’s next year. I don’t know where we’re at in that process right now. I wish we did.”

    How can he not know?? Is he not in the band? Does he need to put his hand up and ask Eddie if he needs to pee?

    • Tyrone Blackman

      Yes, they all do. This is eddies band. The rest of the guys have been ready to record and mix for some time, but Eddie is making himself unavailable. Jeff seems more impatient than the rest of them.

      • Corndog

        Then they need to sit him down and give him a metaphorical slap. They have been maintaining that they are much more democratic as a band since around the time of Yield so they need to put it in practice and tell him to get his finger out. God knows there isn’t much of his voice left to record with, if recent shows have been anything to go by.

        Failing that, i wish they would release another Lost Dogs, or maybe the other albums worth of material that i hear they recorded during the Backspacer sessions.

        • Katie

          Wonderful suggestion! Hopefully one of them reads this thread… 🙂
          :::Well… I can dream… can’t I?:::

          • Corndog

            It really is about time they stood up to him!

      • Katie

        The hell it’s Uncle Eddie’s band… Wow if that’s true his ego is HUGE.

        • Stone Gossardish

          It’s a band. It remains a band. It works as a band. They all get that, including Eddie. They sometimes need time to come around to that again. Hopefully, they will want to work together again on new music sooner than later. Their best album is still needed by the rock world.

          • Scott Rubin

            They made their best album(S). Just listen to anything made before Riot King and take your pick. Anything after that has been largely disappointing.

          • Stone Gossardish

            I have. Thousands of times. I don’t think they’ve made their best record yet. Speaking of Riot Act, that tune Down has aged pretty well, eh?

    • Katie

      OMG… lol!!!! :X

  • Stone Gossardish

    They have money to make. They will play some shows in 2019, hopefully arenas again.

    I doubt there will be a new record unless there’s a major sit down and communication break through. This may sound like a scenario that’s happened before, but it appears it has happened again. There’s either a major communication issue in the band or a major division about what kind of record they should make next.

  • Kappa Stone

    I know you won’t even thank me you altnation cunts, but here’s the new review of upcoming AiC album:

  • Scott Rubin

    I feel like any new music from PJ will only be disappointing as their records these days are more pop/punk rock then the music that put them on the map.” Can’t deny me ” is a horrible song. I say the band should re-invent Mother Love Bone with a new singer and just move on from Eddie.