Pearl Jam Reveal If They’ll Play Massive North American Festival


The Mercury News is reporting that Pearl Jam will not be playing Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco this summer.

“Pearl Jam, which we predicted might be one of the headliners for the 2018 festival, won’t be playing this year’s festival, according to one source close to the band.

The band last headlined Outside Lands in 2009 and we believed that a return trip in 2018 was possible for a variety of reasons. One, of course, would be their unending popularity in the Bay Area — where the band hadn’t played a full-length show since 2013.

But also the band’s schedule seemed favorable for an Outside Lands stop. The band is scheduled to play Aug. 8 and 10 in its hometown of Seattle. And it’s next announced gig wasn’t until Aug. 13 in Montana. The festival runs Aug. 10-12, so that seemed to leave Aug. 11 or 12 as a possible jaunt to San Francisco.

Oh, well. It appears it’s not going to happen this year. But one suspects that Pearl Jam will make its return to Outside Lands sometime in the future. And fans will be waiting.”

Pearl Jam are set to play 7 North American stadium concerts this summer in Chicago, Boston, Missoula, and Seattle. It is rumored that these will be the band’s only 2018 North American tour dates, and that further shows are planned in 2019.

  • Stone Gossardish

    The band should pretty much never play festivals in the US unless they have a 3 hour time slot. They don’t need festivals. They need to mix in some smaller football stadiums and soccer stadium shows with arenas, and may the occasional shed (though they’re much better in an arena & there’s less hassles in arenas), and leave the festivals to the lessor acts.

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