Foo Fighters Fans Scammed At Return Concerts


The Foo Fighters set to come to New Hampshire in May, but countless fans with tickets may not be able to get in.

“This is the most exciting thing for me this summer, so I’m really, really bummed,” said Jennifer Alba, who recently learned her tickets are invalid. “What is going to happen to those seats? All the seats that have been bought?’

The band is set to play at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford. The venue will not be accepting any third-party tickets for the concert. This includes sites like StubHub or Vivid Seats. It has been noted that the request was made by the band to try to thwart scalpers and ticket companies from buying up tickets to resell at higher prices. Unfortunately, a number of fans already bought the tickets and had them transferred.

“It’s an industry wide problem with these third-party vendors. They have the capability to buy 2/3 of the tickets in an instant,” said Tricia Frazier, a Foo Fighters fan who is holding onto a third-party ticket. “Seat Geek gave me an email directly after I made the purchase saying that we would not be getting the tickets until closer to 72 hours prior to the actual event, and that was at the request of the venue.”

“Ticket Center was like, ‘This a legit ticket. It’s good. If you get declined at the door, we will guarantee money back,” added Aislinn McCarthy who has been waiting to see the Foo Fighters since their last local concert was canceled.

WBZ has been talking with the venue and Live Nation for the past three days but has yet to get a statement or interview with the company. They did release a statement to fans saying only tickets that show up in a Live Nation or Ticketmaster account will be valid.

Alba has her parking ticket in her account, and McCarthy has her ticket insurance, but neither have tickets.

“Really hard to understand how they aren’t valid when you are getting all the other pieces all sent to you from Ticketmaster,” says McCarthy.

The venue recommends fans begin asking those companies for a refund now. Ticketmaster has a website up to exchange tickets, but only at face value.