Pearl Jam’s Rumored Surprising Final 2018 Show Revealed


Alternative Nation reported a few days ago that reader Kevin Connaughton commented on our Facebook page regarding Pearl Jam, “They will be at Citizens Bank Park in Philly in September 2018 per my source at Live Nation.”

When we pressed him, he elaborated, “I did hear two nights at Citizens Bank Park in early September will happen. Family friend works for Live Nation (and also a huge PJ fan) and confirmed this. Phillies out of town on road trip from 9/3-9/9.”

A member of the Ten Club forums is now reporting the same rumor.

J Shandler posted:

They are playing Citizen’s Bank Park in Philly for sure, likely second weekend of September. This per an executive friend that works at the stadium.

RBALIVE2727 posted:

Philly will be the shows to go to and looks like will be the last of the tour according to the other rumor dates! Can’t Wait and already booked my flights. Hopefully a Thursday/Friday/Sunday Show! I know I know…wishful Thinking

my2hands posted:

This is now multiple sources for Philly… hopefully it’s legit.

CantKeepmedown posted:

Why would Philly be any different, crowd and setlist wise, than Wrigley or Fenway? Because of the new-ness?

And J Shandler……..c’mon down!!! You’re the next contestant to be quoted on!!!

Obviously there could be more shows after Philadelphia in it turns out to be true, but we’ll have to wait and see!

  • Shane99

    I think I’ve lost all interest in PJ, unfortunately. I do still listen to Yield and the earlier albums.

    • Corndog

      Binaural (in particular) and Riot Act were a bit of a drop in quality for the band but i think that the eponymous album, Backspacer and Lightning Bolt were a real return to form. Do you ever listen to those albums at all? I’ve spoken to a bunch of people online who weren’t keen on those albums but had only really listened to them once or twice and when i convinced them to give them another chance for the most part they said that the albums were much better than they had remembered.

      Nice to see one of the old regulars back on the site man:)

      • Shane99

        I did not enjoy the eponymous album, I thought it was too poppy. I think I could give Lightning Bolt another shot, I guess. I had sort of written that one off early.

        I always drop by just to see what I’m missing in the news. Waiting for STP announcements.

        • Corndog

          It’s interesting that you would say poppy. It always fascinates me when two people can listen to a piece of music and hear something completely different. For me personally I thought that the eponymous album was quite the opposite. I felt that it was a return to a heavier sound not heard since their first three albums. It also gave us Come Back that ended up being one of my all-time favourite PJ songs.

          You should definitely consider giving Lightning Bolt another go. I think it was a really decent wee album. My only real issue with it was the track order. I feel that it sort of piques too soon; around the middle of the album, and then sort of trails off towards the end because the last few songs are somewhat samey. I think it would have worked much better as an album if the track listing was reordered slightly.

  • timmy hendero

    didnt they just do a stadium tour a year or two ago? change it up

  • Stone Gossardish

    Baseball stadiums aren’t really stadiums.

    If they want to dabble in stadiums they should try some smaller ones like Vanderbilt, a couple soccer stadiums, etc, and not baseball stadiums.

    A lot of baseball stadiums sound bad and present poor sight lines.

    Pearl Jam is the best touring area rock band of its time and arguably the best live band of all time. Yes, they are not right there in that argument. Here’s hoping they don’t play any more bad rooms or venues in the future.