Pearl Jam’s Rumored 2018 Tour Announcement Plan Revealed


According to the Ten Club forums, Pearl Jam are rumored to announce their next slate of 2018 tour dates in December.

We have previously reported Pearl Jam expert dimitrispearljam’s 2018 tour rumors he has posted on the Ten Club boards, which included a South American rumor that has come true.

He has now posted, “i love 2018 already!..and 2019!”

jmug23 responded, “Hey Dimi, my wife said we can go to Greece if PJ makes a stop there next year:) any chance I’ll get to see the beautiful Greek isles next summer? That would be a dream!”

He responded, “i dont think u will see greek islands any time soon!!hahaha.”

Another fan asked, “If there is a plan for Europe in the summer of 2018 when could we realistically expect to know the dates?”

dimitrispearljam responded, “f i have to ‘guess’…..” F could stand for February.

dimitrispearljam is hinting at a fall 2018 Pearl Jam North American tour.

Another fan asked about his 2018 U.S. tour prediction, “So, you blinked once for some US dates.  If you had to ‘guess’ on a time frame for the US, you thinking spring, summer or fall?”

dimitrispearljam responded, “Number 3.”

Pearl Jam expert dimitrispearljam has been sharing new 2018 tour rumors on the band’s message board. He correctly reported that Pearl Jam would play at Lollapalooza in South America before the band officially announced it. He’s now hinting at a European tour in summer 2018 in June/July. He said the itinerary could be similar to the band’s 2012 and 2014 European tours.

He wrote, “Next summer will be fun.”

A fan wrote, “Hoping for some of the many European countries I want to travel!”

dimitrispearljam responded, “Save money for the summer!!”

He wrote after the Lollapalooza announcement, “Now we wait for the next one..I’ll try to go the full Europe tour this time.”

Pearl Jam is returning to South America in 2018 with three headlining performances at Lollapalooza in Argentina, Chile, and Brasil.

Sunday was the 27th anniversary of Pearl Jam’s first show as Mookie Blaylock at the Off Ramp Cafe in Seattle.

mmriley had the following to say about the show:

“I was the one holding the camera here. Greg Beckett is sort of correct, the set list, date, and location are correct. This was before they were called anything (before Mookie Blaylock).”

“I actually talked to Eddie after the soundcheck and I asked him how long they’d been together. His response: “six days, this being the sixth…”