Freddie Mercury Disturbing Burial Claim Revealed


Freddie Mercury had a book of quotes titled ‘A Life, In His Own Words’ republished last month in honor of his birthday, and Mercury made some eerie remarks about dying and being buried. Freddie Mercury making a ‘morbid’ AIDS death comment was revealed yesterday.

When discussing his legacy and how he wants to be remembered, he didn’t seem to really care. Mercury said, “Will my music stand the test of the? I don’t give a f***! I won’t be around to worry about it.”

He also had some big ideas about how he wanted to be buried after he died, though it’s unknown if he actually did end up being buried with anything when he died from AIDS in November 1991 at 45 years old, “If I want to be buried with all my treasures like Tutankhamun, I’ll do it. If I want a pyramid in Kensington and I can afford it, I’ll have it. Wouldn’t that be fab.” Freddie Mercury watching a Queen bandmate get massaged was revealed in a new video

Freddie also said he’d make music until he died, which he indeed did, recording with Queen until his sickness made him physically unable to a few months before his death. “I can’t retire. What else would I do? I love being in Queen. I never think of music as work. There’s nothing I’d rather do. It’s a very funny thing. I’m very happy with what I’ve achieved. I’ve got where I want to be. I have enough money, I have success and adulation. What more do I want? I’m just a musical prostitute, my dears!” Freddie Mercury getting hurt after a fight with a surprising boyfriend was revealed a few days ago.