Queen Reveal Eerie Freddie Mercury Photo After Horrific Tragedy


Queen guitarist Brian May has reacted to the horrific Notre Dame Cathedral fire in Paris in a new Instagram post.

“So very sad. So sorry, Paris. Bri.”

He also shared a new photo of an eerily lifelike new Freddie Mercury sculpture.

May wrote, “Freddie lives !!! Tom MacKenzie – sculptor – and myself, with an amazing bust of Freddie which Tom and his son Grant have created using a mixture of 3-D digital modelling and traditional sculpting skills.

They kindly presented this today and will donate this priceless treasure to the Queen Studio Experience exhibition in Montreux, to be enjoyed by all who visit. Amazing ! Big Thanks guys !! Bri — photo: Sara Bricusse.”

May recently announced a project with Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters.

“Long-awaited ! This is a special release for Record Store Day today Saturday. 💥💥 Sadly I won’t be appearing on Radio Two this morning. My horrible cold has given me no voice, so there would be little point in me going in. And I would hate to spread the germs. So I will be preparing Record Store Day from my bedroom ! ‘Dennis Wilson, Taylor Hawkins, Brian May, Roger Taylor – Holy Man, 7 ‘ Single – Previously Unreleased.

Dennis Wilson wrote and recorded ‘Holy Man’ in 1977 during the sessions for his legendary Pacific Ocean Blue, the sole album released by The Beach Boys co-founder during his lifetime.

In 2009, Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters added vocals to the long-unfinished track; 10 years later, ‘Holy Man’ receives new life with new vocals and additional instrumental backing from guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor.” It’s all happening !! We actually did this track ages ago but various things conspired to keep it hidden until now. I like it a lot. Bri.”