Scott Weiland Sings Jane’s Addiction In Unseen Video


Tommy Black from Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts recently posted a video in memory of his dear friend. In the video that he posted, we see Scott Weiland doing an awesome job at Jane’s Addiction.

In the video, it seems that Tommy points out that it was taken on New Year’s Eve almost a decade over. He would say in the post: “7 Years.. like yesterday. You were a passionate/amazing/beautiful soul. Even in your living room on New Year’s Eve. Playing in front of six people singing through a guitar amp.”

Scott Weiland was apart of the Wildabouts for a bit, but of course, would never reach the pinnacle that Stone Temple Pilots did. The band did have some really good songs and always put on great shows, but there just was nothing to really compare to the work of art that was left by Weiland previous to the formation of the band.

While Scott may have never gotten back to where he was at the height of Stone Temple Pilots, he still was always able to not only play insanely well to a crowd, but always keep a following in anything that he would venture out to do.

Sadly, Scott would pass and Stone Temple Pilots would move forward without the famed vocalist, but they too would never be able to regain the ground that was found with Scott Weiland at the center of the stage. The Wildabouts members would complete various side projects, but would not move forward as the band name without Scott Weiland.

In any regard, it’s always amazing to take a look back on footage of Scott and see how well he lit up a room at any given moment no matter who the band behind him was or how many people were in the room on any given occasion.