Queen Reveal If Freddie Mercury Would Be Angry At Replacement


Queen drummer Roger Taylor discussed finding Adam Lambert to replace Freddie Mercury in a new ABC interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments when asked if he knew immediately Lambert would be the new singer for the band.

“I don’t think we realized at first. A friend of mine called me up and said, ‘I’ve just seen the most amazing singer on American Idol.’ I checked it out, and he was singing ‘Whole Lotta Love’ by Led Zeppelin and just blowing it away, fantastic.

We got in touch, we were then asked to do the finale of Idol, which we flew over to do, with the two finalists. We just got on magically with Adam, and we did a couple of things in the next year, and it sort of grew into touring. We formed a sort of magical partnership which just works beautifully.”

He was then asked what Freddie would have thought of Adam.

“I think he would have absolutely loved Adam. I think he would have gone, ‘Huh? He can sing.’”

Speaking on BBC Radio 2 (via Express) earlier this week, May was asked by Zoe Ball if the UK will get the chance to see the show.

“I’m hoping we will – [there’s been] no announcement,” he said.

“One more before we pop off, is my theory.”

Whether this was a throwaway joke or an indication that Queen will only tour once more before disbanding for good is up for interpretation, but host Ball was keen to point out that May should be in no rush to retire.

“I can still run about, I can still speak. Just!” he quipped in response.