Steven Tyler Exposed In Embarrassing Photo For Famous Actress


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has shared a new shirtless photo where he shows off his abs for Kate Hudson.


Joe Perry was recently interviewed by Coachella Valley Weekly to discuss Hollywood Vampires.

CVW: What’s the bird’s-eye view of the band’s songwriting/recording process?

Perry: “Everybody does everything. Everybody can write lyrics, everybody can write riffs, everybody can write songs in their own right. Everybody got their chance to do that little thing that they like to do best. I know Johnny likes to write lyrics and poetry, he really digs down for that, Tommy is a great producer and engineer and helps tie things together and a great guitar player and writes songs too. I do a little of everything but main thing is writing riffs. When we’re sitting there in the room and we’re all thinking about the songs. I’m thinking, ‘how’s this going to go down?’ how’s this gonna to play live?’ and Johnny’s thinking, ‘where am I going to put these lyrics?’ Tommy is arranging where he’s going to put his guitar. There are some lyrics in there that when you start reading them, listening and digging in they are saying a lot too. The main thing is the power behind them. Alice, of course, is the icing on the cake when he puts his stamp on it. He’ll write lyrics if he feels like he wants to put something in there that he wants to say or very suited for his style and ultimately it’s about the energy that these songs are going to carry.”