Queens of the Stone Age Hint At Foo Fighters Project & Major Surprise


QOTSA guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen was asked by Reverb on what fans can expect from the band’s upcoming album (via Ultimate-Guitar):

“Expect to be surprised. I always am.”

He also talked Jazzmaster.

“My Jazzmaster is the most versatile guitar that I have. I can get almost any tone out of it. It’s very expressive with pedals, as well. I use it for every project I’m involved in.”

TheFade and Reddit are also reporting new details about a photo from the band’s video editing team, including the fact that majority of featured clips were recorded between February 9th and March 6th. Markings included:




Additionally, one of the new songs seems to be called “Fortress,” featuring lyrics: “Your heart is like a fortress / Keeps your feelings locked.”

There’s also something called “SonicHighwaysCutaways” in the favorites sidebar, hinting at a new Foo Fighters project that has Queens of the Stone Age’s involvement. Horns and violins also indicates that some songs on the new album will drastically change QOTSA’s hard rock sound.