Major Update On Radiohead’s Unreleased OK Computer Songs


flowersingingman posted the following on Radiohead’s Reddit:

“There is going to be a 20th anniversary ok Computer re release . I bumped into a Thom At the David Hockney expo in London. Thom told me he was working on old unreleased songs from OK Computer for a 20th anniversary thing. He was really excited about it I though. I did post this up on Redit at the time because I was SO chuffed with talking to Thom and I thought people would be excited about hearing about new unreleased songs coming out but no one gave a shit lol.”

Obviously there is no way to verify these claims, so we’ll have to wait and see. Fans of the band have recently taken to Reddit to debate over posters that have been spotted in cities such as London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and New York.

The posters are seen as a call-back to the band’s ‘Fitter Happier’ lyrics and concept art from the ‘OK Computer’ era. They also feature the dates ‘1997 – 2017’.

adiohead’s visual collaborator Stanley Donwood recently took to Instagram to tease a Radiohead-related project that he claimed was “soon to be real.”

When approached by NME about the rumours, Radiohead’s representatives said ‘no comment.’

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