Rage Against The Machine Member Reveals Why Band ‘Wasn’t Exactly Prolific’


Former Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello discussed the band having long breaks in between their three albums in a new The Brag interview.

While Prophets of Rage have been touring, Morello has been working on a new solo record with his project The Nightwatchman. He mentions an incredible diverse array of artists will be involved as guests, from Marcus Mumford to Pussy Riot. It’s reflective of the fact that Morello has always been very open about performing and collaborating with as many people as he can. According to him, it’s more or less his human nature. “When I was starting out playing music, I always kind of envisioned myself as the kind of guy that only ever played in one band and never did anything else,” he explains.

“Rage, as you know, were not exactly a prolific band – there’d be years between records where there’d just be nothing new. I am a prolific writer, and I just wanted to play all the time. If there was a studio door open or an amp to plug into on stage, then I was in. I took every opportunity that came my way, and that lead to some of the greatest experiences of my entire life. I’ve gotten to play with everyone from Pete Seeger to the Wu-Tang Clan; from Springsteen to Slipknot. You learn something in every instance. I channel it all into my own music.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    Sounds like he’s got a lot in common there w/Jeff Ament relative to wanting to be in a studio a lot.

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  • IrregularJohn

    Pussy Riot is neither a band nor an artist. It’s a group of attention-seeking whores.