Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Collaborates With Koko The Gorilla


Earlier today, Flea posted a video on his social media outlets of him hanging with the famous Koko the Gorilla, known for her long ventures in human communication. Fluent in sign language, Koko found another way to express herself: bass guitar. In the video, Flea lays down in the back while Koko examines and plucks a little at his bass. Watch it below:

To find out more about or support Koko and her support team, click here.

In a recent interview, Flea explained why he fears the NRA more than fundamentalist Muslim terrorist cells like ISIS/ISIL/Da’esh:koko

“Well, I’m definitely more afraid of the NRA than I am of any Muslim terrorist, that’s for sure,” he says.

“But it’s just too sad to comprehend, really. Like, I think when somebody does something like that, they are so insane and so removed from love and the connection that we all are one. All religions, all people, all races, all ethnicities, we all are one. ‘And I know everyone knows this and you hear or see the hippie bumper sticker on a car, but when you don’t understand that, you really are sick, you know?

It’s a sickness and it’s something that people have a little bit of sometimes and sometimes people have it a lot – to the point they want to kill people. It just fills me with such a great sense of sadness. What can I say? All we can do is try to make good decisions, try to create love in the world. That’s it: that’s all I want to do.”

  • Ishmael

    The gorilla plays the bass better than Anthony, who tried it recently.

  • nomad

    I can think of a few bands that should hire Koko

  • Euthaniser

    I love Red Hot Chili Peppers, don’t get me wrong. But Flea is a great example of why celebrities should keep their mouths shut about politics or anything complex. He is completely clueless of the big picture of why we have the Second Amendment.

    • scottman22

      No, he’s right on with his thoughts. I’ve been a gun owner all my life and am licensed in Germany as well. The NRA has gone from a worthwhile organization to batshit crazy and does not deserve support until they stop their crazy ways.

      • Euthaniser

        I understand your point, but I wasn’t referring specifically to the NRA. They are a political action committee with an agenda. Much like MADD, they get out of control, I can agree with that. But I am a firm supporter of their agenda, unlike the latter. I full support an armed populace. It’s another checks and balance from corrupt government tyranny.

  • dakotablue

    Hasn’t Flea been collaborating with a gorilla for years now, the one that sings? (sorry, Koko!)

    • Corndog

      I’m offended on Koko’s behalf:)