Metallica Embarrassing Screwup Called Out By Fans


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett accidentally referred to Slane Castle as Shane Castle in a recent Instagram post.

He later edited his post to say, “Thank you Slane Castle 🤘⚡️🤘 You were amazing! (*thanks for spell checking! 🙄* ) #metallicafamily @metallica #metatslanecastle #worldwired #metallica 🖤📷by @frunkrock 📷”

Fans had previously commented:

“*Slane Castle lol. Someone must had a little bit too much Enter Night last night lol.”

“AnothAh Kirk ..cmon now te fuck …fix that spelling.”

“Never trust a person named Shane.”

“‘Shane castle’…. lol ♥️”

Robert Trujillo recently discussed Metallica participating in a ‘day of service’ in a new Forbes interview.

“Day of service is a day that works out pretty good because you can get everybody together, even if it’s their first time or tenth time, they can jump onboard, help local food banks, all around, whatever city they’re in, they can contribute by being a volunteer. Like last year we bagged apples for sack lunches for kids and their school programs, after school meals, also weekends.

Some of these kids need lunches during the weekends. They can have sack lunches for the weekend as well. That’s where we go through the fruit, pick out the bad stuff, get the good stuff and this all comes from donations. A lot of organic stuff too.

It’s quality food and with the donations distributed being all around Los Angeles and it’s going on everywhere. And then we got our fans all around the U.S. that are doing the same thing. This is going on around the world too. We’re in Europe now touring and we’re contributing to the food banks and also homeless shelters.”