Gene Simmons Daughter Wears Robe In Creepy Photos


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons (who was photographed at a party with Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer) has uploaded lovely new photos of herself in a white robe for a photoshoot with some creepy lighting! Sophie wrote, “Burn me down.” Gene Simmons revealed what his wife did with Slash and Jon Bon Jovi yesterday.

drolaw posted a review of a recent KISS show in San Antonio, Texas on the forums, “I went last night and enjoyed the concert. For the first time in a long time I went to a KISS show and had no prior knowledge of the set list, what the staged looked like or any other internet spoilers.

It was nice not knowing the set list because it provided a freshness to a KISS concert that has been lacking (for me) since the internet became a thing. I was really surprised by Crazy Nights which I thought sounded great. The band overall sounded awesome. I really liked the stage and the effects. Overall, it was fun and bittersweet.

I say bittersweet because KISS has been in my life since 1978 (8 years old at the time) and it hit me that there will never be a ‘new’ album and tour from KISS – like the good old days. I’ll always have the songs, videos, and memories but as I get older I realize that I need to cherish every moment. Basically, I got emotional like I was saying goodbye to my youth and admitting that I’m middle age (50 yrs) and that KISS won’t be around forever.

Although… Gene still grossed me out with his twerking – GENE PLEASE STOP twerking with your bass. Not cool…lol.” Gene Simmons’ daughter rejected a man hitting on her a few days ago.