Review: Deftones Hit New Creative Peak On ‘Gore’


Edited by Brett Buchanan

Out of respect for Pac, Big, Stevie, Michael, Hendrix, ‘Gore’ is ONE of the greatest albums not the greatest, just one of.”

-Chino Moreno, after Kanye West said that his album The Life of Pablo was the “greatest album of all time”  and truth be told, Moreno was right about Gore, it’s actually great (however, the jury is still out on The Life of Pablo).

(The next few paragraphs might sound like a concert review, but bear with me… there is a point.)

It was a cold December day in Columbia, Missouri, a blizzard was brewing and it came at the worst time, because Deftones had a show scheduled there on this day. The concert was put on by The Blue Note, one of the city’s few theater size concert venues. However, the concert was moved to the Holiday Inn Expo Center due to the demand for tickets. The Expo Center was large enough to hold a few thousand standing room only concert goers. Luckily for me, I was working retail at the time right across the street from the venue (which meant convenient parking as well). During work that day, I was constantly checking The Blue Note web page for a postponement or cancellation, and to my surprise, one never came.

After work, I walked in the blizzard across a couple parking lots to the venue. When I got there, about twenty fans were in line waiting out the hammering snow.  When doors opened, the line had grown to just over a couple hundred fans, making it obvious that many people didn’t want to go out in the poor weather. But for those dedicated few, Deftones put on one of the most intense concerts I have ever witnessed. Despite the poor conditions outside, the band killed it, playing a full set and encore to just a few hundred dedicated fans. In an evening that they could have easily postponed, cancelled, or cut the show short, they played for well over two hours.

That concert is an example of the spirit of this band, and it’s that same spirit that has enabled them to create one of their greatest works yet in Gore. The release will also be almost three years to the day of the passing of frontman Chino Moreno’s childhood friend, and Deftones bass player, Chi Cheng, who suffered an automobile accident in 2008 that left him in a comatose state until his death in April 2013.  Deftones are unique in the fact that when faced with adversity, they have the ability to channel their emotion and make great records and play great shows.

Their latest effort, Gore, also exemplifies the fact that Deftones’ music combines aspects of many genres.  For example, metal heads who don’t like alternative rock are fans, alternative rock fans who aren’t fans of metal are fans, and even fans of emo are known to listen to some Deftones from time to time (on Gore, see “Hearts/Wires” and “Phantom Bride”).

In comparison to past Deftones albums, their growth as a band has reached a creative pinnacle with Gore, with the band staking claim to a land of experimentation in a perfect union with their early angst and their current state of evolution. Gore is an achievement that many great veteran alternative rock bands have attempted, but are often times unsuccessful, which is recording an album that embodies their progression as a band, while also capturing the energy and emotion from their first few records.

Another aspect of this album compared to many of their contemporaries is that the entire album is solid, with the first half being just as strong as the second. The tracks on Gore match up toe to toe with tracks on the band’s most popular albums, White Pony and Around the Fur.  Many 90’s era bands that are still making records have a point in their current releases where the album trails off and a large portion of the album is weaker than the rest.  However, with Gore, Deftones show that there is still at least one band that was popular in the 90’s that is still expanding the realm of their creativity and creating consistent records.

Tracks like “Hearts/Wires”, “Pittura Infamante”, “Xenon,” and lead single “Prayers/Triangles” showcase Moreno’s vocals, whose lyrics and melodies are on point. Moreno has that rare ability to find the perfect space and tone to make his vocal lines ease perfectly into the music, where it never sounds muttered or forced. Additionally, along with “Hearts/Wires”, “(L)MIRL” is a track that contains some of the best melodies of Deftones’ career, while another album standout, “Phantom Bride” featuring Jerry Cantrell, is progressive in nature.  The track starts out melodic with Moreno overlaying the track with brilliant vocal harmonies, until it slowly builds to the culmination of monster guitar riffs, with somewhat of a Pink Floyd vibe.  This then leads to the last track “Rubicon”, which is their best album closing track since Around the Fur‘s “MX”.

Gore also has more surprises than all of Deftones’ previous albums, such as the track “Doomed User” in which guitarist Stephen Carpenter veers away from the script and surprises the listener with some stellar guitar work.  The tracks “Gore” and “Acid Hologram” also allow Moreno’s searing vocals to work hand in hand with great metal hooks from Carpenter.  These three tracks are mean, and actually sound like they could fit perfectly on Adrenaline and Around the Fur, which will be a delight to fans of Deftones’ earlier work.

Gore may very well be the best album of Deftones career, which is truly remarkable for a band that has been together for the better part of thirty years.  When many other bands that have been around that long have had their best creative period come and go, Deftones are giving both new and old fans something to bang their heads too. It contains tracks that could match up with the best tracks from their earlier work, and at the same time it is a zenith of collaborative experimentation. With Gore, Deftones created their best record in at least fifteen years and have in turn ensured a strong level of relevancy in a time that rock music is on the back-burner.

Deftones: Gore
Released: April 8th, 2016



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  • Felonious Punk

    This is going to be a huge Album of the Year contender, no question.

    Years from now, people will look back on Gore as the blueprint for a future sound, I believe.

    I’ve been a member of the Deftones fan community Sharing Lungs for years and I have never seen a response to one of their albums like this. Ever since a low-quality vinyl rip began circulating this past Saturday evening, the reception from their fanbase has been overwhelmingly positive. This shit is BLOWING PEOPLE’S MINDS, apparently. The worst thing people are saying about it are that tracks like Pittura Infamante, Phantom Bride and Geometric Headdress are so mind-boggling on first listen, it takes repeated listenings to get your head around them.

    There have been comparisons to 90s alt-rock influences as far-reaching as STP, Hum, Failure, Shudder To Think, Catherine Wheel and Siamese Dream-era SP all over this record. Apparently the last five tracks sound like an entirely separate album from the first six, and cap off the greatest back-half of a Deftones album in their recorded history.

    And the best part is, I haven’t listened to a note of this since it was announced. Not the leak, not the singles, nothing. I can’t begin to stress how fucking stoked I am for this Friday, when I finally get my hands on this physically. One of my favorite bands ever releasing an album that has completely blown even the most fickle of their fanbase away. I can’t remember the last time I was this stoked for a new album by *anyone*. Not even Failure’s album last year had me this excited.

    I literally want to hibernate in a soft coma for the next three days until its 7 AM Friday morning..

    • Corndog

      Yet another one of the many bands that i have had on my ‘to do’ list for many years and have never got around to listening to.

      Where would you suggest someone start? Normally when listening to a band for the first time i just seek out their debut album, but i’d love to here your suggestion on what someone should listen to when trying to take this band in for the first time?

      Incidentally, i really hope you like what you hear on Friday man. Always nice to see someone genuinely excited about the prospect of new music! It’s the simple things in life:)

      • Felonious Punk

        Definitely don’t start with their first album (Adrenaline); they sound nothing like that anymore. It’s like a basement punk record compared to what they do nowadays.

        Honestly, I’d say buy the new one on Friday and see what you think. Apparently it’s their least aggressive one to date (because you’re an elder around here :D) or their previous album Koi No Yokan, which is amazing, too.

        They’re an acquired taste; they go from soft and melodic to aggressive and brutal at a moment’s notice. That’s part of their charm. If you’re not into that sort of thing, you might have a hard time with them.

        But it sounds like Gore is going to reach way outside their fanbase, so maybe give that one a listen on Friday. Here’s the first single (which I haven’t even listened to yet)…

        • Corndog

          I don’t mind a bit of aggression in my music. I’ve been listening to a lot of metal for the last couple of years. For the last few months it has been nothing but Pantera. Mid life crisis music;)

          Ok, i’ll wait for the new one then and give that a go. As i am not familiar with them though i think i will put on my eye patch and avail myself of PB’s try before you buy service. If i like it, i’ll certainly buy the CD. Cheers:)

          Hey, wait a second. Did you just calls me old? You bloody did didn’t you? Man, i just had a birthday and i am already sensitive about that shit. I’m only 2 years shy of 40 now, and it scares the shit out of me. Meany:)

          • jcal7

            if I could make a suggestion, I would say start with Around the Fur and perhaps B-sides and Rarities, such that you will have a good place to start with ATF (and the journey gets better and stranger) but the compilation will give an idea of the range that they have with acoustic, rap etc. White Pony is the gold standard for a lot but it doesn’t do the rest justice. From there I would go wherever, they are all great in their own way but I would say Koi No Yokan is like Dark Side of the Moon for them, it flows, has cool segues, great lyrics, amazing guitar sound and overall ambience throughout. Love that album. Also to second Felonius, perhaps Gore is a good place to start, I have heard it through once, and have the singles so far…. sounds like a fun ride. Super excited to get the whole thing on Friday.

          • Corndog

            Thanks for the advice man. I’ll maybe hit that up on my lunch break today. Cheers:)

          • Hug the monster

            Imo, start from the beginning. If you want to understand and get the proper chills, thrills, and feels then start at the beginning.

          • Felonious Punk

            lol I’m just busting balls. I’m not far behind you, believe me. Everyone gets there eventually, dude : )

          • I’m a geezer and I hit the number. 40 is shit. it’s bollox.

          • Corndog

            I just can’t deal with it. Feels like yesterday I was 16.

            Somehow I blinked and I was 38. It sucks!

          • right and I felt the same way but since I can’t change it I just can’t be buggerd to think about it reallly. you will have a sense of humour about being a geezer. eventually.

          • Corndog

            At what point do you finally feel like you’ve grown up?

          • Ah right you never feel old. The spirit never ages. Reality leads you to the conclusion that you’re a bloody geezer. Myself, it’s not drinking the extra pint of newkie, I can’t work out as hard, and the younger generation goes to my concerts. Case in point, I was going to jesus and mary chain (celebrating 20 years of psychocandy) . I was in line behind these fucking little wankers talking about R.E.M. and how ‘boring’ “Automatic For The People” was. They weren’t alive for any of this the first go round. This is how I know I’m a bloody geezer.

          • Corndog

            Something tells me, old or not, you’re still mad fun at a party man:)

            I have to admit I’ve never liked REM either, and it baffles me. On paper, they should be right up my alley but they never did it for me and I’m really not sure why.

          • Cheers mate! I like to get proper pissed still. I’m 42 and it’s shit but I recall what the alternative landscape was like at the time R.E.M was the bees knees and the little wankers I speak of know fuck all about it. I wanted to smack them one but maturity got the best of me because i know I’m a geezer.

          • Corndog

            I’m one of only 3 Irishmen the world over that doesn’t drink:)

            Never really been a fan. I’d rather get stoned.

          • Nothing wrong with that mate, nothing wrong at all. 🙂 I’m sure the others don’t mind taking your share of what you do not drink!

          • Soup

            Im 41 and today I benched 290lb. Greatest shape of my life. Crank the deftones and hit the weights. Works for me. 🙂

          • Corndog

            Sure. So long as you have the ambulance on standby:)

          • Soup


          • Felonious Punk

            For a self-professed “real” fan, it’s amazing how you can’t even type their fucking name correctly

            It’s “Deftones”, meathead. Not “The Deftones”. Only that midget gorilla from Limp Bizkit refers to them as “The Deftones”. Are you him? Yea probably, lol

          • Soup

            Oh you meant you’re a bigger fan of My Little Pony. 100% agree, creepo.

          • Felonious Punk

            Good job there, Meathead. You’ve now reached the point where your retorts don’t even make an ounce of sense. Try laying off the testosterone shakes for a bit.

          • I fucking hate that tosser.

          • Felonious Punk

            That bohunk dude who was calling them “the Deftones” the whole time? Yea, think he scampered off finally.

          • Fucking Fred Durst. Fucking phony.

          • Felonious Punk

            Pretty sure that guy *was* Fred Durst, the way he was acting.

          • Right why not? I mean, he hasn’t got a job. Limp Bizkit is a bigger has-been than warrant or winger. More people pay to watch Poison. Never mind Fred marries proper skanks and looks like a date rapist frat moron.

        • Soup

          Don’t start with Adrenaline?!? GTFO you poser hipster fan.

          • Felonious Punk

            I’ve probably been a Deftones fan longer than you’ve been alive, but anyway..

            Yea, Adrenaline would give a new fan a complete and TOTAL idea of how Deftones have evolved in the 20 years since that album they made when they were still practically teenagers. Good call there, superfan

          • Soup

            You’ve probably been a My Little Pony fan longer than you’ve been a deftones fan. Your advice is trash.

          • Felonious Punk

            Whoa there, bud…what’s wrong with My Little Pony?

            At least I don’t go over to Pee Wee’s Playhouse after school like you do

          • Soup

            Nothing wrong with My Little Pony if you don’t mind everyone thinking you’re a child predator…

            As for the band, they were already the greatest in the world with Adrenaline and Around the Fur.

          • Felonious Punk

            So you brought up MLP…I’m guessing that makes you the predator here?

            Thanks for clearing that up for us.

          • Soup

            Go listen to Nickleback and leave the deftones to us real fans.

          • Felonious Punk

            “Us real fans”? I’ve been heralding this band for nearly 20 years. I’m not the one telling new fans that their first exposure to the band is an album they wrote when they weren’t even old enough to drink and virtually disown in interviews these days

          • Soup

            Keep crapping on the band you’ve been “heralding for 20 years.”

          • Soup

            Btw, Chino was 22 when Adrenaline dropped. “They weren’t even old enough to drink.” GTFO a poser!

          • Felonious Punk

            Once again, your idiocy rears its pathetic little head.

            I said the band WROTE the album before they were 21, you dingus. WROTE. Not RECORDED and not RELEASED. Christ, you’re daft.

            And any REAL Deftones fan — as you like to pretend you are — would know that the band wrote every song on Adrenaline when they were in their teens, save for Minus Blindfold and Fist. This is routine knowledge easily found on any halfway decent Deftones fansite, and verified by the ‘Like Linus’ demo collection which was recorded when they were teenagers. Something you would know if you had this demo, which any “real” Deftones fan most certainly does,

            I’ve never once said there was anything particualrly wrong with Adrenaline; I still quite like it and play it occasionally. But it’s easily their weakest, least creative album and sounds nothing like anything they released after. Even the band themselves have practically disowned it, and only play songs off it to appease twerpy little hipster fans (like yourself) who can’t get past an album they wrote nearly 25 years ago to appreciate the abundance of superior music they created post-1995

          • Soup

            Stop back peddling, poser. Go back, listen to Adrenaline. Listen to Around the Fur, and experience the deftones like they were meant to be heard. Then maybe you can join us real fans.

          • Felonious Punk

            Haaaaaahaha running on fumes, are we?

            I guess you missed the three or four posts I’ve already made in the comments section about how ATF is still my favorite Deftones record. I could play that thing in my sleep, I’ve heard it so many times. Meanwhile, you’re confusing words like “write” and “released” and looking like a fool.

          • Soup

            BTW Carpenter was 25 when Adrenaline dropped. And in Chino’s own words, the album was recorded “really fast.” You’re confusing yourself for a deftones fan.

          • Felonious Punk

            Jesus fucking christ, I haven’t seen stupidity like this in quite some time

            Deftones were formed in 1988. Adrenaline was released in late-1995. The album’s songs were around for at least five years (again, the Like Linus demos will prove this). So even if the album’s were all recorded in 1990, Steph still wouldn’t have been old enough to drink at that point.

            As I’ve been saying. As you can’t seem to get your brainless head around. It’s really not that hard to comprehend.

            And again with this recorded shit…it was RECORDED fast, you tool. RECORDED. Not WRITTEN. How in god’s name are you continuing to misunderstand this? I can record an album of songs in two weeks or less, just like anyone else. The album was not written fast. You’re confusing Adrenaline with ATF’s writing and recording process, I’m afraid. Obvious rookie mistake.

          • Soup

            Ah, the Army. That explains your low self esteem and hostile temper. Figures.

          • Felonious Punk

            So wait..

            You took my use of a common-knowledge military slang word and deduced that I must be in the army?

            Wow. Just…wow, dude. I clearly have no idea what I’m up against here.

          • Soup

            Go play with your My Little Pony toys, bro. We both love the deftones. Peace out.

          • Felonious Punk

            I obviously love them way more than you ever will, and that’s what’s most important here…bro.

          • Soup

            Obviously not, telling the OP to skip Adrenaline lol good thing he listened to me and not you.

          • Felonious Punk

            I can’t believe you want to continue arguing about this. Wait, yes I can, because you’re probably only about 14 years old.

            Corndog listened some of the Gore songs first, then went straight to ATF. To my knowledge, he never even bothered with Adrenaline because he knows I wouldn’t bullshit him into checking out an album that was written by kids at the time and still appeals to kids who can’t open their mind to the band’s material past ATF. Hence why you keep trying to pimp Adrenaline as their best album when clearly it is their weakest and most directionless. As I’ve already stated several times, virtually their entire fanbase and THE BAND THEMSELVES will attest to this.

            So I’m afraid you’re in the minority here. The very small minority, at that. The minority of Deftones fans who spend their entire lives bitching about the band not sounding like they did when they were teenagers and missing out on the musical richness the rest of their discography clearly offers.

            Your loss, kid.

          • Soup

            Lol at you thinking I’d actually read this. Get over yourself, beta.

          • Felonious Punk

            LMAO @ beta. Only some roided-out bohunk weightlifter would remind anyone that they’re the alpha. On the internet, no less.

            And don’t kid yourself, because you’re surely not kidding anyone else here: you read it, and there was zero you could dispute.

            Or maybe you really *can’t* read, gym rat.

          • Soup

            OP enjoying Adrenaline right now. 🙂

      • Soup

        Start with Adrenaline. Get them all in order. Experience them how they should be experienced. All their albums are awesome. Enjoy.

        • Nicky Fresno

          Couldn’t agree more…start with Adrenaline, then into Around The Fur, etc etc. Saw Deftones back in 1996 on the Adrenaline tour.

          • Soup

            Gotta hear Bored first. Get BOOOOOOOOORED!!!

    • mate you’re serious aren’t you?

      • Felonious Punk

        As cancer, dude.

    • Austin Barnes

      I can assure you that this album goes above and beyond in every way. After listening to (L)MIRL Tears came to my eyes. And I still had more to go. If you thought that KNY broke the mold in the best possible way, this album will not disappoint you. I can also attest to the strong 90’s rock undertone. STP is the first thing that came to mind while listening to “Rubicon” and “Pittura Infamante.” The album also incorporates the best of Crosses and Team Sleep’s sound in some parts. If this album doesn’t win album of the year in some capacity, I will be very mad.

  • Felonious Punk

    Corndog, they released this song yesterday as a single and people are losing their minds over it. I haven’t heard it yet. Give it a listen and let us know what you think : )

    • Corndog

      My boss just walked back into the room so it will have to wait until my lunchtime, but i’ll definitely give it a listen and let you know what i think, cheers:)

      • ANRmanager

        From someone who has heard Gore.. Listen to White Pony then listen to Gore on Friday. They both had that same effect where I kept hitting repeat. Good stuff.

        • Austin Barnes

          I like White Pony, but i’ve never got why it’s the most popular. Then again, I didn’t grow up with them and Koi No Yokan was the first album that I listened to. Curious though, after having listened to Gore, do you like White Pony more? After listening to Gore It instantly knocked KNY off it’s throne for me.

          • ANRmanager

            Gore is fantastic. Gore and White Pony are equals at #1 for me right now.

          • Felonious Punk

            So glad to hear this, because KNY is my second favourite Deftones album and you’re definitely not the first to say it surpasses the creative leapt hey made on that record. That was what I was hoping Gore would accomplish and it sounds like it has with flying colours.

            I too have never understood the immense praise White Pony gets, even though it’s definitely a creative highlight for them and is rightfully considered the OK Computer of hard rock. I find albums like ATF, SNW and KNY to be much more cohesive as an album, whereas WP just sounds like a cool collection of songs that are all over the place (much like their S/T album)

          • mate I think u just answered it, didn’t you? what strikes me is the diversity of each song where there’s more layers and more colors and emotionally is quite heavy really. absolutely knocked my socks off. around the fur was a great album that became an archetype for modern heavy metal and lots of blokes latched onto it. I reckon lots of bands nicked their sound and style.

          • Felonious Punk

            ATF still blows me away, to this day.

            Like I said, based on what people are saying about Gore, I think it’s going to be one of those albums that people look back on years from now and credit with giving rise to a new sound/movement.

          • i keep listening to it finding new things i had not heard previous. I like albums like that

          • Felonious Punk

            You’re talking about Gore, right?

            A lot of people are saying the same thing; that on the first few listens, it’s so dense and there are so many layers to the songs, you’re kind of disorientated. But the more time you spend with it, it just gets better and better..

          • right I am talking about gore I reckon I spend so much time looking for different sounds in the sonic landscape that I hardly notice the song ends and goes on. it’s brilliant. what I love about white pony as well.

          • Felonious Punk

            I’ve grown to appreciate White Pony more over the last five years or so, but it’s still in the lower half of their album rankings for me. It was a creative leap for them, no question. I just prefer a lot of their other albums, as far as a collection of songs is concerned. Self-titled is definitely better to me. SNW is probably, too. Just my personal preference; I know WP is probably the majority favourite.

            I can’t wait to absorb Gore over the course of this weekend though. I truly believe it will be in my top three Deftones albums by this time next week. I’ll be very surprised if, based on all the hype I’ve read, it doesn’t surpass KNY as my second favourite album of theirs. Maybe I’ll get lucky and it will be just as great to me as ATF still is..

          • Ah right the self title. The self title is right up my alley as well. Quite distinctly, the phrase “nu-metal” is awful sounding to me. I can agree that ATF is fantastic and it was a game-changer for the Deftones, the nu-metal bands and crowd were too into it for my taste. Nu-metal really never did it for me.

            Speaking of Chino, I gave this a read through today.


            check it out!

          • Felonious Punk

            lol I read that interview a few days ago; it’s a really good one. Lots of interesting things he says in it

            I think the band was lumped in with the whole “nu-metal” genre initially because Chino appeared on that one Korn album covering an Ice Cube song, but by the time of White Pony they had completely emancipated themselves from that genre tag and these hack internet critics just feel some strange need to validate their opinions by continuing to mention it

          • Ah brilliant! Chino was great. Quite candid and real. Having Max Cavalera on ATF didn’t help (after doing the Korn song), in my eyes. That said, I did like the first 2 Korn records. I became a fan of Deftones with “Be Quiet and Drive” so I am familiar with ATF – there’s a lot of solid bits on the album but when they took it the next step and got Maynard that was ace for me. Being able to do heavy originally is difficult, and they did well, but where do you go from there?

          • Felonious Punk

            BQ&D is one of my favourite Deftones songs ever.

            I don’t think having Max on ATF was a bad thing at all. It’s unfair to lump Sepultura in with the nu-metal trend of the day because they’re hardly nu-metal and were around way before all that. If anything, ‘Headup’ is the song that inspired Max to start Soulfly, who are fucking awesome in their own right.

          • mate i am not lumping sepultura in. max was out by the time he did the song with Deftones. Actually, leaving Sepultura Max knew he was not going to stop doing music. Soulfly was in the works 1997. Around the Fur also 1997. If you recall, Chino’s on the first Soulfly record (came out 1998).

          • Felonious Punk

            Headup from ATF is specifically about Chino and Max dealing with the death of Max’s son at the time. You can hear Max screaming “soooooul flllllly….fllllllly byyyyyy…” on the chorus. That’s where he got the band name Soulfly from. Then Chino returned the favour by appearing on that storming Soulfly debut a year later.

          • Yes, right. In the 90s I was quite a huge Sepultura fan, caught them live a few times. bought the soulfly disc when it was new, caught his first tour in 98.

          • Felonious Punk

            How was that? I love that first Soulfly record. Their second one was good too, though it’s been so long since I heard it I practically forget what’s on it now.

          • Mate, it was fucking brilliant. The chance to see the show in a small club after the gigantic-ness of Sepultura. Post-Roots Max riding high on that style he was making. Bringing in Logan Mader (who i loved on first 2 MH albums) just filled it out. The live energy was mega! Including good Sepultura bits in the Soulfly live set – a few covers coincidentally – like Headup (timely to talk bout Soulfly in the midst of ATF, right?) They had the most punk energy. Loud, fast, screaming, jumping. Max, Gloria, and Logan made a dash straight for the bus no meet-and-greet. The other blokes like Roy Mayorga were in the club. My mate had got a soulfly logo tattoo and I got Roy to sign it. My mate was scared of him which is funny so I had to say hey. Probably, one of the 10 best concerts I ever got to see. Best time.

          • Felonious Punk

            Fuck, that does sound amazing. You’re lucky; I would have loved to see that myself. Roots and the first Soulfly record were a huge part of my later high school years, and *nobody* I knew was into either band. I also would play the first MH album (Burn My Eyes?) to full effect. What city did you see Soulfly in?

          • Load of bollox you were the only one you knew into those records do you know what I mean? I saw Soulfly in Palo Alto in autumn 1998. I also got to catch MH live with Logan before he split as well.

          • Mascara, Lotion, Dai The Flu, and Lhabia still stand up.

          • Felonious Punk

            The whole album still stands up, I don’t care what anyone thinks.

          • Right mate. Allow me to give that comment another go. My favorite songs from ATF Mascara, Lotion, Dai The Flu, and Lhabia still stand up.

          • Felonious Punk

            I absolutely love the hidden track (Damone) on ATF, but hate that you have to fast-forward like 35 minutes past MX to hear it.

          • MX is 37 minutes long wow that is epic ah wait there’s a giant space in the song. Who really wants to FF 35 minutes, really? just put the bloody song after MX. i enjoy the screaming and not the singing on the song.

          • Felonious Punk

            Yea, it was like an in-joke with the band at the time, I think. I love everything about that song though. It just teeters on the brink of all out madness and they were so good at that back in their early days before they discovered finesse on White Pony

          • Right It’s weird to me how that finesse could have evolved from such a record as ATF.

          • Felonious Punk

            I remember seeing Chino, Abe and Sergio (filling in for Chi at the time) hosting 120 Minutes on MTV in early ’99, and they were talking about “the next record” and you could tell they weren’t very far on it or even had a clue where to begin, really.

            A year and a half later, we got WP. To me, that album is fantastic but it definitely sounds like a collection of songs where the guys making it were literally sailing blind, seeing what worked for the sake of doing something completely different than what was going on in music around them. It obviously paid off and has stood the test of time, but to me it’s always been apparent from day one that the band literally had no clue what the fuck they were creating when they were putting it together.

          • As I recall, Chino said there was a lot of not being on the same page and there was a lot of conflict which he referred to as passion so from all the passion comes these songs. Perhaps that’s why it flows the way it does? Was it the struggle between Carpenter who loves metal and Chino who loves Depeche Mode, The Smiths, and The Cure?

          • Felonious Punk

            Yea, Chino and Steph are always bickering when it comes to the direction the records will take. Kind of glad it’s Chino who usually wins because he’s definitely the brains of the outfit; Steph won’t even write guitar solos. They’d be a boring metal band if Steph got his way all the time.

            I really love Gore but place it just below KNY. KNY has the better songs overall and still flows a bit better from beginning to end, imo. I still think Gore is a masterpiece though; really digging the new direction they’re taking with this album and I’m bummed we’l have to wait another 3+ years to hear what they create next. We’ll probably get new Crosses, Palms and Team Slep records from Chino in the interim though..

          • Jesus you’re fucking right! Good God. I’ve never consciously realized there’s no actual solos. Right over my bloody head. I’m chuffed to bits that bands choose not to do “metal”, it’s rather cheesy, innit. Steph’s the metal guy yet won’t do a solo. Odd. In which case, you really need that counter-balance of some of England’s finest. I can’t argue the finer points of KNY. I listened to it just yesterday actually and I was rather surprised a bit. Good stuff.

          • Felonious Punk

            Gore has some bonafide homages to 80s metal on it; Pittura Infamante and Xenon being the most explicit. Phantom Bride sounds like an 80s power metal ballad, too.

            KNY has some of my favourite stuff they’ve ever done on it. I don’t think there’s a song on it I don’t love in some form or fashion. They’re definitely hitting an artistic highpoint in their career, which is amazing since they’ve been together for nearly 30 years now.

          • Mate those are quite ugly words I reckon eh, “power ballad” ugh I’m going to be sick. Unfortunately, I reckon I can hear it a bit now that you’ve made the analogy but I prefer to think of it as an influence of Robert Smith, instead. When I hear Xenon, I can sense that metal drum bit – stomp stomp stomp. But it seems rather minor. Pittura Infamante is one of my favorite songs it’s so good. 80’s metal was incredibly more interesting than most of the metal that’s come out since the late 90s. It’s all rubbish now. Same shit, same bits.

          • There’s really no mistaking the power of the visceral energy in a song like that.

          • Felonious Punk

            Yea, it’s pretty dark and sinister sounding. Just when you think that album has nothing left, intensity-wise, they come roaring with something like that at the very end. Great stuff.

          • Is that why they hid it so deep into the last song?

          • Felonious Punk

            Not sure. Maybe because it’s such a good song, but didn’t really fit anywhere on the album sequence itself. The long long long space between MX and Damone is obviously the band’s way of fucking with the listener, but like I said…your patience is rewarded because Damone is one of the most intense tracks on the whole record.

          • dustyafro

            just spell it out…”be quite and drive”…”around the fur”…

          • Felonious Punk

            No. How about you STFU and GTFO if you DLWH here

    • Billy

      this song is sooooo White Ponyish, which is my fave album of theirs, so ill def be checking this out

    • Corndog

      I have to be honest man, i’m not feeling that song at all. It has no hook, nothing to draw you in, and the vocals aren’t great at all. Felt a little flat, a little dull. First minute or so sounded like a coffee commercial. Kept expecting to hear George Clooney say ‘What else?’.

      I just put ‘Around The fur’ on, first track has been playing for about 20 seconds and i am already liking it much more than this one. ‘Shove it’, apparently. I like this song. Music is very good, but again, i’m not overly keen on the vocals. Guy sounds like he’s been drugged up to his eyeballs or he’s half asleep or something during the verses. He wakes up a little for the chorus though. I think i’ll give this whole album a listen as soon as i can.

      • ANRmanager

        Corndog, check this one out. A little more like Around the Fur.

      • Felonious Punk

        Around The Fur is my all-time favourite Deftones album; it’s the one that got me into them and the one I few up with

        Like I said…not for everyone. Immense gratitude for giving them a chance, dude : )

        • Corndog

          I’m not done yet. I like the music, maybe the singer will grow on me:)

      • Let’sBeFriends

        Coffee commercial? Tell you what, if coffee commercials sounded like that maybe I’d buy more Nescafé.

        • Corndog

          No!! Nespresso man, what else? 🙂

          • Let’sBeFriends

            You got me

  • BallsDeep MacGillicuddy

    It’s “bear” with me. But that pales in comparison to misspelling the last name of the deceased bassist (CHENG). You shouldn’t get to be published.

    • ANRmanager

      Thanks Balls Deep! Readers are the most observant and harshest editors. I’ll do better for you next time, boss!

  • I’m gassed on white pony. the others aren’t my thing but I’ve listened to this new one like ten times already today. constant infinite loop. it’s cool.

  • dakotablue

    I may be alone on this, but was disappointed in White Pony. Practically all the vocals sound the same: scream-o. I did enjoy a few things but don’t play that album much, to be honest.

    • ANRmanager

      It’s not for everyone and it was really different compared to their two previous releases.

    • doesn’t he scream on every album?

  • Chris Duerr

    It’s very good, I don’t really think it’s better than Diamond Eyes or KNY those albums had great strong tracks well written and well produced. To me it’s much better than Self Titled and Saturday Night Wrist though.

    1.White Pony – 11.5/10
    2.Around the Fur – 10/10
    3.Diamond Eyes – 9.5/10
    4.Koi No Yokan – 9/10
    5.Adrenaline – 8.99/10
    6.Gore – 8.5/10
    7.Deftones – 7/10
    8.Saturday Night Wrist – 6/10
    9.B-Sides and Rarities – 6/10

    But I need some more time with Gore to be sure how I feel.

    • ANRmanager

      1. Gore
      2. White Pony
      3. Around The Fur
      4. Koi Yo Yokan
      5. Adrenaline
      6. Diamond Eyes
      7. Deftones
      8. B Sides/Rarities
      9. Saturday Night Wrist

      Gore is the most solid album they have ever made.

  • Dustin Icex Hair

    I have been seeing a lot of comparison to WP but I find this to be quite similar in sound to SNW. Unlike many Deftones fans, I have always loved that album and Gore is just an absolute masterpiece. An unexpected masterpiece at that.

  • Nicky Fresno

    Can’t believe how decent Gore is. Listening to it now.
    Deftones fan since ’96…Adrenaline Tour