Nikki Sixx Unloads On Terrible Motley Crue Ripoff


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx unloaded on a plumber trying to rip him off financially when he knew who he was in a now deleted tweet.

“Need a plumber? No problem unless the service guys know your face. The then need the $187.00 bathroom fix got bid up to $2,100..So I fixed it myself. Now I need a whole new bathroom. Anybody got any tools besides the screwdriver?” He then used a middle singer emoji.”

Tommy Lee recently posted, “Some hump day moves – 3 Kings 👑 I’m so hype about this clip with @officialtighteyex & @officialkinghavoc This clip represents UNITY! Amongst real street dancers. Flexin , Popping & Krump in one clip vibing.

The only way for us to take the craft to the prestige level it deserves is by uniting the clans. This is just the beginning. Got mad love for this brothers ✊🏾✊🏾WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO ON IGTV or my facebook page #krump #popping #flexin #streetlegends #GOATALK.”

Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan recently posted on Instagram, “On this week’s episode of WORST FIRSTS I sit down with director and friend @kylenewacheck who you may know from his years of directing Workaholics on Comedy Central or his new movie on Netflix called Murder Mystery starring freakin JENNIFER ANISTON or from his proclaimed film appearance making out with my dog @neenadaweenadog on camera (swipe). Either way, tune in for some laughs.”

Tommy Lee’s wife recently leaked some gross text messages.