AC/DC Massive 2020 Tour Announced By Rock Icon


AC/DC will indeed tour in 2020, The Black Crowes manager Mark DiDia confirmed on The Howard Stern Wrap Up Show earlier this week. He also said that Motley Crue will reunite to tour with two big name bands. Interestingly enough, DiDia’s comments were later edited out of an on demand version of the episode, showing that he may have let news slip that was meant to stay secret until a major announcement.

AC/DC are rumored to reunite surviving ‘Back in Black’ members Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd. Fans were recently getting impatient on about the long rumored new album and tour plans. Brian Johnson leaked an awful contract demand yesterday.

Geordie_boot_boy wrote, “Perhaps have a general discussion thread rather than speculation – there’s no more speculating, no tour = no album. On the shelf like Wrigley. Nothing coming out before Xmas.
Next movement may be 2week social media posts to mark 40th of BIB followed by some god awful merch.”

900 said, “What’s pissing me off is seeing all these appalling 80s bands with 1 or 2 original members, singers who can’t sing at all anymore etc. all out there. Plus other, decent, old bands like Deep Purple, Scorpions…. I’m not sure whether I’d prefer to know AC/DC are finished, or whether the hanging on in hope is a better way to be let down gradually?!”

Even UFO are on a final tour, KISS as well..

Briany posted, “AC/DC were technically on 2 original members back in ’88. It’s not how many original members you have, it’s these bands who see fit to hire replacements who are pretty much just anonymous session players with zero personality or existing links to the band.

The only reason KISS call it their final tour is because they think it will boost tickets. They should just call it “The last one…..until the next one.” Angus Young was devastated by an AC/DC family death earlier this week.