Scott Stapp Reveals Why Stone Temple Pilots Could Have Handled Him With ‘More Class’


Alternative Nation recently interviewed former Creed frontman Scott Stapp to discuss Art of Anarchy’s new album The Madness. This is a preview of that interview, which will be published in its entirety soon.

Even with the support of his new band and his fans, former Creed frontman Scott Stapp has been faced with adversity dating back to when his gig with Art of Anarchy was first teased. A miscommunication between Stapp and a radio host led many to believe Stapp was hinting at a position in Scott Weiland’s former outfit, Stone Temple Pilots, when he was actually alluding to the fact that he was joining Art of Anarchy.

“I think it all spawned from me insinuating that I was replacing Scott Weiland,” Stapp explained. “[The media] just made assumptions that it was for STP.”

STP members themselves took notice of the rumor, issuing a rather blunt statement shooting it down: “Despite recent comments, Scott Stapp is not, nor has he ever been considered as the singer for STP.

Stapp said he wishes the situation was handled with more class.

“You know, it is what it is, man. I think they could have handled it with a little more class and dignity. But… it is what it is.”

Moments before this interview, I read a separate article that was published earlier that morning. It was a rather scathing piece that consisted of nothing but low shots at Stapp, basking in outdated Creed jokes and shots at his fashion.

During that conversation, Stapp insinuated that Scott Weiland “spoke” with him on the tour bus; the writer and most other outlets picked up on that statement as being a literal encounter with the specter of the deceased STP frontman. I read it as being more of a metaphorical warning to Stapp to not follow the same path.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Stapp agreed. “Scott Weiland didn’t literally speak to me. What I was referring to there was how being on this tour bus that he died in created an epiphany within me. The way I carried on my life at certain times could have put me in that same position. In no way, shape or form, as you interpreted, did Scott Weiland speak to me. Those were the writer’s words, not mine.”

“The writer for that article was, in my opinion, way out of line, and wrote an article just to assassinate me personally,” Stapp concluded. “He took any window of opportunity to take anything I said out of context.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    Truth: Its embarrassing to think that STP considered anything for Stapp. He’s a summer fair act, at best. STP with any singer can fill a festival slot.

    You are no one, Scott. You’re not even Hanzi

    • Eddie Yarler

      I guarantee you, almost no one will care about the poor soul STP chooses to replace Scott Weiland. If fans won’t even accept people with their own identity such as Chester or Stapp, then the turnout for some nobody will be next to nothing. The singer search is a disaster. Assuming they do get someone they sure as shit won’t be playing any festivals, more likely casinos.

      By the way Stone, Mike Mccready is a better guitarist than you.

      • Stone Gossardish

        I think you’re right. STP has been done for a while now. I don’t know that anyone but super music fans know they’re still active at all.

        McCready is the better guitarist, Stone by far the better writer. What a match of talent, they are. Imagine if they were unleashed again to play more of what they wanted.

        • Eddie Yarler

          Remember how brutal the fans were to Chester? That’s comparing a high caliber singer to Scott Weiland at his absolute worst. That wasn’t even good enough for people. Now whomever they get is going up against Scott’s entire legacy. I’ve said their best bet would be to get someone established who can channel Scott naturally like Whitfield Crane or Vinnie Dombroski (Sponge) but I think they want a frontman they can control.

          In terms of the 90s vowel bands I’ve always preferred Creed and STP to Pearl Jam, but the band was definitely stronger when Stone and Mike were at the creative center. Mad Season’s Above is my favorite McCready record.

  • larry cornwater

    “Scott Weiland has been officially terminated” was their statement when he was let go in 2013, so the remaining band members and their management are obvious classless assholes. They don’t even try to hide it. Especially Dean with some of the shit he talked after they hired Chester. Like, really, you couldn’t have said something that didn’t sound like the tagline from an 80’s action sci fi film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  • Raj

    More class and dignity? Shut your mouth Stapp, respect is earned. You’ve talked trash about singers with more talent in their pinky finger than your whole body. You are lucky the Deleo brothers didn’t beat you up. Stapp is one of the worst singers of all time and Creed one of the worst bands of all time right there with Nickelback.

  • Shane99

    How many people believe that STP have anyone they find suitable for the band?

    Will they hold another round of auditions or just announce the retirement?

    I’ve pretty much resigned to the idea that STP is not happening anymore.

  • Missing April Zane

    As an artist Scott Stapp is beyond the word accomplished. There are no flies on him in that regard.
    He has to learn that people are going to do or say whatever they want. Who cares?
    There is no comparison between Weiland and Stapp with the exception of “rock star life.”
    If it bothers him that much,sue. Move on,create music with the gift God gave him, and make fans happy. Enuff said.


    I’ma just gonna leave this here…