Scott Weiland’s Unreleased Video With Korn & Limp Bizkit Will Surprise You


A rare video of late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland recording with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst and Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has surfaced on YouTube. The video shows the three writing and recording a song together in the late 90’s.

Weiland says the following in the video, “There was this sort of underground swell of hard rock bands again that were not on the radio, but were playing in front of huge audiences. A lot of kids were hungry for that kind of thing again, for excitement, a little bit of danger. I think they’re an amazing band. Probably them, Korn, Deftness are most responsible for sort of rejuvenating rock and roll in this later part of the 90’s.

The fact that they are one of the greatest rock and roll bands out there, definitely one of the heaviest bands, but I understand the fact that they sort of want to challenge themselves artistically, and kind of get a little bit more musical.”

He added, “I think the ideas that I have, the ideas that Terry Date has, and the ideas that Fred have work very well together.”

Fred Durst said about Weiland, “He’s super cool, he’s everything I could imagine he was going to be. He’s really laid back, and like me, it seems all he thinks about is music. I have one of the best teachers I could have in here with me.”

  • Raj

    Didn’t know about this Weiland collaborating with nu-metal bands. Probably went something like this:

    Scott Weiland: I’m the teacher you two are the students, I’m going to school the shit out of you with my melody and lyrics
    Fred Durst: Oh man, this is so cool, Scott you’re the best
    Scott: Okay Fred pay attention now
    This is how is you guys can make the song better
    Fred: Yeah cool, yeah (has no clue what Scott is teaching him)
    Jonathan Davis: (keeps laughing like a 10 year old)
    Fred: Hey Scott, I’ve got this awesome song about a Nookie, I rhyme it with cookie then tell the world they can stick it up their ‘yeah’
    Scott (shakes head and face-palm) throws pen and paper to the ground and leaves.

    • rustyshackleford462

      Haha, this is what I was thinking.
      SW: How about something beautiful, poetic, maybe some metaphors…
      JD: And something about adult family members touching children?
      FD: YEAH! WHAT?! C’MON!

  • Tony Montana

    So awesome to see my childhood favorites together creating a song.