Tom Morello Reveals If Audioslave Plan To Reunite In 2017


Tom Morello discussed the possibility of an Audioslave reunion during a recent interview with Music Radar.

“I love Chris [Cornell] and I love what we did together. That door has certainly never closed in any way, but right now, it’s looking like we’re pretty busy. We’re in the middle of a North American tour, I’m also working on a record of my own and the other guys have things going on, too.

“But whatever happens in the future, Chris is one of the greatest singers of all time, and there’s no way I couldn’t be proud of the shows and music we played together.”

He also discussed Prophets of Rage.

“It’s funny, through Cypress Hill and Public Enemy, B-Real and Chuck D were the two principle hip-hop influences on Rage Against The Machine. We listened to the first self-titled Cypress Hill record exhaustively while writing what would become our first album, and B-Real even appears in the Killing In The Name video! If you go frame-by-frame, you’ll see him in there. And as for Public Enemy, they took us on our very first tour up the West coast.

“We have a longstanding relationship with both guys and a tremendous amount of admiration for their work. Without those two bands, there never would have been Rage Against The Machine. So it’s an honour to stand beside them and Rage-ify their catalogue, as well as have them interpret our old tracks.”