Slash Finally Settles Divorce, Judge Grants Bizarre Motion


TMZ reports that Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash and his now ex-wife Perla are both single, officially! Both sides informed the judge they reached an agreement in their divorce, and the judge just signed off.

Earlier on Tuesday, TMZ reported that Slash and his then estranged wife, Perla Ferrar, were coming face-to-face in front of a judge Tuesday to hash out parts of their contentious divorce … and she already won one battle early on.

The Guns N’ Roses rocker and his ex are both in an L.A. courtroom trying to reach an agreement in the divorce that’s been ongoing since 2014. Perla just got one of the things she’d been asking for — access to Slash’s Internet provider records with Charter Communications. We broke the story … Perla thinks the records will prove Slash’s gf has been harassing her online.

The judge says she’s granting that motion, but there are several other issues on the table. The hearing is still going.

  • Cunt Fuckula

    Slash…what a complete and utter idiot. Not even divorced from one golddigger bimbo and already shacking up with another. It’s sad how guys can’t deal with loneliness or no ass and allow themselves to get taken for everything they’re worth. And then make the same mistakes over and over and over again.

    Slash could be out touring the globe, smashing multiple women PER NIGHT and paying not so much as a dime, but insists on marrying these bimbos with no prenup and then getting fleeced high off the hog.

    RemeMber guys: wOmeN arE onlY out for one thang..