Slash Working On Unreleased Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy Songs


MSL is reporting on GNRTruth that Slash and Duff McKagan are working on unreleased Chinese Democracy era Guns N’ Roses songs.

“I am under the impression that many of the songs from the group of songs we think of as the ‘second half’ of Chinese are still intended for release. Slash & Duff did some studio work on a couple of them, which will hopefully be released on a ‘best of’ collection later this year. As for when a full length album of new material would be released, I have no idea. but i don’t think Axl worked on those songs for so long to keep them buried. It’s just a question of the right commercial timing.”

“Slash was really out of the picture by 95 . . . material from 97 did end up on Chinese Democracy . . .

I have no way of knowing what would or would not be revisited, but I personally believe Axl’s focus in terms of new music, if/when it’s ever released, continues to be the songs we think of as the ‘second half’ of Chinese.

I was told by someone in Slash’s camp that he laid down a solo for ‘Atlas Shrugged.’ That is why I’m assuming it might be a song included on a best of collection.”

  • Jimmy Intense

    What a lame attempt at further cash grabs. “Hey guys buy our leftover, half-baked songs from Chinese Democracy featuring a solo from Slash!”

  • Darren Leach

    Another best of?

  • LuisRFM

    They were not leftovers, they’re GN’R songs that were not intended for CD. Much like You Could Be Mine and November Rain were written prior to Appetite but released afterwards in the UYI albums.

    • Jimmy Intense

      No, they’re Axl songs that the classic lineup had no part of (until now)

      • Dillon Sparks

        And who did you suppose wrote the song before? Lol

        • Jimmy Intense

          Obviously Slash, Duff and Izzy wrote the songs with Axl in their heyday. Lol indeed

  • stefan

    Sounds cool but i hope the songs are good, CD was OK/good but this will be like seccond hald of UYI 1 probs

  • disqus_YdgZkuzrpE

    Slash recorded his guitar parts for UYI in 31 days. If Axl has a completed album and he’s happy with the vocals and other parts (which is where things get sticky) They could release an entire album of Axl tunes with Duff and Slash before the show in Las Vegas. Like most working guitarists, Slash wouldn’t need more than a couple of hours to record a solo for one song. If he has “been working” – i.e., showing up enough for people to notice and ask about it, there’s a lot more than one song in play. Now, whether Axl will ever sign off on it or will be any good it another question. I will say that “Catcher in the Rye,” “Sorry” and a couple of other CD songs would have been absolutely great with more traditional guitar playing and less goofiness from 19 different guys. So it could be all right. I’ll buy it no matter what, though.

  • Felonious Punk

    A Gn’R best-of with some unreleased CD tracks featuring Slash and Duff, that Axl hasn’t touched in years? Who do these morons think they’re kidding? They have about as much credible insight on Gn’R as Traci Guns has

  • Raj

    Seems very strange that Slash would work on unreleased CD songs unless they are from the classic lineup. Slash has said adamantly in interviews that people going to see the new Guns lineup are not seeing the actual band. He said CD was a brilliant album by Axl but not a GNR album. I bet Axl made it a condition that if he was to reunite the old lineup they would have to be willing to work on CD songs. I bet there’s enough leftovers from the early 90’s for UYI sequels.

  • Mike-jon

    Axl had recordings from slash from way back that they were going to use bits of on the second half of Chinese. Now that slash is back in I guess he will complete the songs that Axl was going to use his riffs for.should be fuckn gud anyway 😉

  • K12

    most of Chinese Democracy is garbage, I am sure Slash is afraid to stand up to Axl so I am sure a big part of getting this semi-reunion back together is Slash has to be Axl’s bitch and go along with his Chinese Democracy crap

  • Alain Rosebush

    The photoshopped picture of Axl and Slash is very irritating to me. It’s like they’re trying to trick us?
    As for the “second half of Chinese Democracy” thing… that’s such a stupid way to put it. Chinese Democracy is a record that was recorded and released. The “second half” is tracks 8 through 14. Period.
    What the author of this article is trying to do is assign a place for songs that were written prior to the Chinese Democracy release in a way that could cause a response from readers. Somebody else mentioned this here already, but it’s worth repeating: many of the songs on the Use Your Illusion records were written before Appetite For Destruction and Lies came out; Don’t Cry, Back Off Bitch, and November Rain, for example. For some reason nobody calls those songs “the second half of Appetite For Destruction” though. Just like they don’t call Appetite For Destruction “the second half of the Guns N Roses demos”.
    If Slash and Duff are recording for GNR, then that’s great. If they are recording songs that were written prior to the release of Chinese Democracy and they end up releasing them they will be new Guns N Roses songs, as far as anyone here is concerned… exactly the same as Don’t Cry was a new Guns N Roses song when Use Your Illusion came out. It doesn’t matter when they started writing it (20 minutes ago, or 20 years ago) and you can bet there will be some changes to the songs during the recording process anyways.
    Don’t be fooled by click bait writing.

  • Bill LeDonne

    So one of the reasons for Slash’s departure 20 some years ago was he didn’t like the musical direction GNR was heading. But now 20 yrs later he’s supposedly laying guitar tracks down on dated material he wanted nothing to do with back when it still could have sounded relevant? Lame

    Guys, please just record a couple new tunes reflective of where you are all currently musically. I would love to hear what comes out of your heads.