Jimmy Page Makes ‘Embarrassing’ Michael Jackson Claim


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page recently revealed a Michael Jackson ‘secret’ regarding a 1995 television performance with Robert Plant. Michael Jackson’s daughter recently leaked a painful Jimmy Page secret.

“On this day in 1995, Page and Plant were to receive an American Music Award and, as we couldn’t attend, it required a video insert that was recorded in London at the Depot Sound rehearsal studios in North London. We performed a quirky version of ‘Black Dog’, featuring: didgeridoos; Porl Thompson in Indian pyjamas; a Michael Jackson jacket; and me on whammy pedal. Not a bad balance on this one.”

Jxbadwell commented on Instagram, “Thrilling, I bought that experimental album on CD in 95, and i loved it so much. LIKE every cassette of yours i owned, i wore that CD out.”

Martinmusician chimed in, “It was a fantastic alternative version, I loved it. And from seeing this, I have ever since been searching for a long black coat.”

He said about another Page and Plant performance from the following years, “On this day in 1996, Page & Plant rocked in Rio as we performed a superb show at the Hollywood Rock Festival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Playing to an audience roaring with enthusiasm and spinning their shirts above their heads was something to experience.”

He also recently wrote on social media, “On this day in 2011, I was featured in the Swinging London 50s and 60s exhibition. I’d been asked for some costumes and guitars in order to complete the exhibits in an exhibition to celebrate 60s design. The exhibition toured throughout Japan, this was the opening in Aichi of the third leg of what would be a six-leg series of installations.”

Page also called visiting Thailand, “On this day in 2009, I travelled from Bagan, Mandalay back to Rangoon and then on an evening flight back to Bangkok, Thailand. Here is a small selection of photos from my day in Myanmar.” Jimmy Page recently made a sad Eric Clapton claim.