Smashing Pumpkins ‘Forced To Delay’ Machina Reissue


Billy Corgan revealed why Smashing Pumpkins have delayed the ‘Machina’ reissue in a new interview with Slater.

notcolinarcher posted on the Pumpkins Reddit, “Machina reissue discussion (5:00-8:23). It sounds like the worldwide vinyl shortage is the main reason for release being delayed. Hopefully that means we’re less than 6 months out from Machina reissue being released.

Zeitgeist reissue discussion (19:57-23:51). Off streaming services because Corgan feels it needs to be mixed differently, much heavier album than how it currently sounds. Corgan owns the album, waiting to remix and release as box set with extra material. Talking to Sumerian Records about releasing reissue.”

paddypatronus responded, “That’s exactly what I said about Machina the other day. Instead the top comment was your usual “WPC is a bad person” bullshit.

Excellent news about Zeitgeist. I think I’m the only person on the internet who really likes the current mix, but that aside I’m super keen to hear a remixed, deluxe reissue. Bring it on.”

yyz_xyu said, “I don’t think it’s vinyl only, but they focus on vinyl since that seems to be the choice of physical format to release albums nowadays. It makes sense that the digital release will come out when the vinyl comes out in order to maximize sales and publicity. I think it’s the same reason for the Japan 1992 record.”