Mick Jagger & Josh Homme Joining Foo Fighters?


The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger and Josh Homme’s band Queens of the Stone Age are rumored to open for Foo Fighters at Madison Square Garden in New York later this month, with rumored posters surfacing on Facebook for two late June gigs at MSG.

PJNB posted on the Ten Club boards about the rumored shows, “One thing I will say is how crazy is it that we are getting full capacity shows in June. Not 100% back to normal yet since it appears you will need to be vaxxed and maybe have a negative test but it is unbelievable how fast things have changed.

We have gone from arguing if the 2020 shows will be pushed or not to being lucky to have shows in 2023 at the earliest to the Foos selling out MSG mid June 2021. Sure would be nice to get a nod soon at what path Pearl Jam is heading for shows being rescheduled or if anything is getting added this fall.”

lmckenny24 posted, “So, they actually have something set up MSG to prove your vaccinated.

Clear, who some may be familiar with from the airport to speed you through TSA in conjunction with TSAPrecheck, actually are set up in several arena’s (including MSG). They are set up via the app to accept your proof of vaccination. I have it for the airport, not sure if the arena requires you to pay, or just use the app or how the proof of vax works.”