Stone Temple Pilots’ Dean DeLeo Photographed For First Time Since Abuse Allegations


The first photo of Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo since his estranged wife Jennifer Grace DeLeo accused him of abuse in divorce documents has surfaced. Dean was photographed with fashion designer Jennifer Gaydos. There has been talk that they are dating, but neither have confirmed this. The photo was taken sometime in the last few days in Texas. Jenn Grace DeLeo also appears to be moving on with new boyfriend Aaron Perry, the ‘social media assassin’ for Aerosmith, Joe Perry, and The Hollywood Vampires. Robert DeLeo played in Hollywood Vampires until STP chose Jeff Gutt as their new singer.

Cheryl R. Poldrugach tweeted, “Working with @Jenhartman18 @STPBand Dean DeLeo in #Dallas with #GianellaSwimwear Actions a great guy, down to earth, funny and a true gentleman. #STP #StoneTemplePilots #DeanDeleo.”

A fan responded tweeting about the allegations, “ … he’s real winner, eh! Really awesome behind closed doors 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️.”

Cheryl responded, “I don’t believe all I read as its easy to point fingers. I pray that for their kids sake that it is kept private without pushing for public to like and comment.”

View the new photo of Dean and Jennifer Gaydos (to Dean’s left) below.

  • makingconnections

    Sometimes when I’m really tense, I look in the mirror and my eyes look too high. I think your scalp gets really really tight and pulls your face up. Here’s a fine example of my theory.

  • Kay B

    Talented guy but sure is goofy looking.

  • Kevin J

    Gary Busey with a guitar! Lol

    • Corndog

      You know, I’ve always looked at him and thought that he looked familiar but couldn’t place it but you’re right. Gary Busey! That’s it!

      • Olga Stewart

        Now you have to wonder if Gary can play the guitar? :).

        • Corndog

          If not he can always make a career as a Dean Deleo lookalike and pose for as many autographs as he can stand:)

          • Olga Stewart

            Now That’s an idea. Ha ha!

      • Kevin J

        Correction Gary (A)busey…lol