Stone Temple Pilots Member Dyes His Hair


Stone Temple Pilots have had a tumultuous week with Dean DeLeo’s estranged wife Jenn alleging that he abused her in divorce documents, but lead singer Jeff Gutt appears to be having a good time. Gutt shared a new photo of his dyed hair, and revealed that he is in Kyoto, Japan ahead of STP’s upcoming performance.

View Gutt’s new photos from Twitter below. Dean DeLeo has yet to respond to Jenn’s allegations.

Stone Temple Pilots members Jeff Gutt and Eric Kretz were recently interviewed by Brad Copeland of the Rick & Brad Morning Show. They discussed the band’s current setlist. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Kretz said, “Now we get to pull out stuff that we haven’t really busted into in 20 years.”

They were asked if any songs were off limits to play without Scott Weiland, and Gutt seemed hesitant to perform “Sour Girl.”

He said, “That’s more up to these guys, but I have a particular thing with ‘Sour Girl’ because I feel it’s a personal message. To me, that one is a little off limits. But other than that, I’m game.”

Kretz said about the auditions, “It’s a tough thing, because we wanted to give people a variety of songs to choose from. Because some people’s voices were great for ‘Interstate Love Song,’ but then when they got to ‘Dead and Bloated’ they just couldn’t hit, or something like Piece of Pie, whereas Jeff can hit everything.”

Gutt said about the new STP album, “I did a lot of research, many many hours, days, maybe months of research, on the writing styles, and the differences, and what I could bring forward that made sense, that I could do as myself, that would still make it still sound like a Stone Temple Pilots record. That’s why it sounds like something new, but familiar at the same time.”

  • Kevin J

    Gutt blows, who cares that he dyes his hair?! Is this supposed to make him more weiland-like. It’s been karaoke from the start and now he’s trying to be a look alike as well. What a joke.

  • Olga Stewart

    Dying his hair?

    That’s hard hitting news there.

    Man, oh man!

    • Gregory Marini

      I couldn’t contain my excitement with this news!! *eye roll*

      • Olga Stewart


    • lima85

      Now I can lay down and rest knowing this.

      • Olga Stewart

        Ha ha !

  • makingconnections

    I love the music of STP. They carry so much baggage though and the sad part is that they willingly do it. Every time they mention how difficult it was to be in a band with Scott Weiland I wish they could grow up.
    Scott Weiland is my favorite forever but I like this band’s music. We’re all going to grow old someday – we can’t forever complain about the past.
    I like the hair colour change….it’s hardly news though.