Freddie Mercury Called For Famous Actress When He Died


Actress Barbara Valentin discussed her final phone call to late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in a rare interview with Roger Willemsen, and how as much as they’d both liked to have spoken, he couldn’t.

RW: “Every time a good friend pass away, the bereaved think about a last wish, or a last thing they would love to do with the person who`s gone, if he was still alive…”

BV: “I wish I could have seen him one more time, and the crazy thing is, that I called him (at Garden Lodge) the hour he passed away.

I just had that feeling that something bad was going on…One of his Bodyguards cuts it very short with me on the phone…wich was unusual…there was a nervous aura all around
‘We’ll call you back’ Then I thought something is really wrong there.

And then, later that night at 2:00 AM they called me and told me about his death.

It’s crazy because I haven`t called him for two weeks. I was just sending letters to him, he did not pick up the phone anymore.

Something was making me mad that evening, so I felt the need to call him.”

Queen guitarist Brian May posted on Instagram today, “I’m en route to the City of Angels – but I had to share this intriguing stereo from my pal Chiara. It’s a ‘sequential’ stereo of course – but with the two images chosen to give not only movement but depth too. Just the kind of story-telling that my hero TR Williams would have enjoyed.

The story here is of that STARMUS moment in stage when I was joined by incredible opera man Vittorio Grigolo, as you see here – vibing furiously with me – and, behind us with equal passion, Rusanda Panfili, the amazing leader of the Lucerne orchestra. You can feel the excitement and tension in that moment from this picture which I will treasure. Chiara actually hesitated to post this great stereo because she’s been bullied on Instagram. I know exactly how that feels – since it happened to me just a couple of weeks ago.

I know many of you out there have also has that horrible experience. My advice ? Ignore, delete, block, and ultimately ignore again. Life is too short to waste time on negativity. Love to you all.”