Blink-182 First Reunion Video Revealed In Photos


Blink-182 has been teasing the fans about a reunion for quite some time now. Fans have witnessed posters of ‘Blink-182 Industries’ have been spotted at 12th and 2nd Ave, NYC. They appear to be shots from a new reunion video, or from the band’s new album. People have spotted film crews on social media related to Blink-182.

Blink-182 are planning something huge

Reports have emerged that Blink 182 is set to perform at Lollapalooza Brazil in 2023, likely with Tom DeLonge back. Lollapalooza Brasil 2023 is getting closer and fans are eagerly waiting for the official announcements. The event promises to have “the best line-up in the festival’s history” and it is quite possible that the three headliners have already been decided. Q101 has doubled down and stated that they were blowing Live Nation’s ‘nut’ on an upcoming Blink-182 tour announcement. Fans are speculating that a huge announcement will be made soon.

Amid this, it has come to light that domain registration was updated recently which has added to the hype of the band’s reunion with Tom DeLonge. The updated site also has Sony Music Entertainment as label.

Fans have spotted billboards in Peru that advertise the band. It is being said that the band will go to South America for a tour there. The band also wiped their Instagram clean. They hid all their posts from the Instagram page as a way to generate hype and get fans talking. The band also wiped Matt Skiba from the band’s history after it was rumoured that he was fired. The official website of the band is also under construction.

On their Twitter account, while they didn’t clean it up, (there is no option on Twitter to archive tweets) – the band has liked a bunch of posts on the website from 2012-13 that contain the phrase “10 years.”

There are also posters in Manhattan advertising 182 Industries, which is clearly a reference for the band, indicating a North American tour is coming too. The slogan on these posters even says, “Your future is cumming…in the blink of an eye.”

Mark Hoppus’ Instagram story containing the name “Tom” also fuelled speculations further that DeLonge is going to return to the band. Jason Tate recently opened up the Blink-182 tour announcement this month in his last two newsletters.

We will have to see what the band has planned for the fans.