Tom Morello Reacts To Kid Dissing Rage Against The Machine & Audioslave


Former Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello was recently interviewed on the Dark Matter podcast, and he discussed the son of one of his bandmate’s described the music of RATM and Audioslave as ‘small music.’ He said that listening patterns have changed from when he was young, as music fans now mostly digest music on their phones and tablets. Alternative Nation transcribed Morello’s comments.

“It was private time that you had with your music and your artist, [now] you’re listening to something else while you’re listening to it. I think one of the reasons there’s been a downturn in the prevalence of rock music, is because [a phone] is the main listening device people have, and electric guitars and open hi hats don’t sound great on this.

A band member of mine’s kids who are young teens described the music of Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave, The Slave, they’re not fans of it at all. Why? Because they describe it as ‘small music.’”

He later added, “You put Cardi B on your phone, and put Evil Empire on your phone, one of them is built for this, another one is built for a different kind of [listening experience].”

  • bryan mannoia

    if they don’t like those two bands they would be shocked at the crappy music Morello has put out since.

    • sharkguitar

      What was Springsteen thinking when he had Morello playing with him? He’s terrible.

      • bryan mannoia

        I didn’t say Morello was terrible, I said the music he put out since audioslave was. I stand by that. nightwatchman is literally unlistenable. that rap crap band might appeal to some but not me. while we are at it, I am a life long hater of springsteen, too.

        • sharkguitar

          I’m no fan of Springsteen, but I think Morello’s playing is abysmal. Then there’s his whole commie/capitalist baggage. I got sick of the sound of whammy pedals about five minutes after they came out.