Tommy Black Talks ‘Horrible Nightmare’ Of Losing Bandmate Scott Weiland


Former Wildabouts bassist Tommy Black sent the following tribute exclusively to Alternative Nation to mark the one year anniversary of his bandmate Scott Weiland’s death.

December 3, 2016

I lost my best friend last year on this day. I remember standing side by side speaking at Jeremy’s funeral… two friends died in the Wildabouts in only one year in an 8 month period. A horrible nightmare of a year.

But we also had some of the most amazing positive experiences in the last 10 years we played/spent time together.

I got to create so much beautiful music with him and was blown away even that he wanted to write. It was a blessing to create music with him. I have so many good stories I can’t even begin…

Not a day has gone by that I have not thought about Scott.

Today Scott would be want everyone to be happy and listen to music.

I miss you my friend…

Black played with Weiland for a decade, and performed on Happy in Galoshes and Blaster. Weiland died from a drug overdose on his tour bus in Bloomington, MN on December 3, 2015. Black was briefly held by authorities for questioning, but Bloomington Deputy Police Chief Mike Hartley later announced that authorities wouldn’t pursue a drug charge against him because it would be too difficult to prove the drugs belonged to him.

  • Allison Auld

    “I got to create so much beautiful music with him and was blown away even that he wanted write.” What does that mean? “wanted TO write?” And why would he be blown away that he wanted to write? Because of Jeremy’s death? About the rest of it – I don’t know what to think. The line about being happy and listening to music is nice. And I believe that he thinks a lot about Scott – but for whatever reasons, it’s not my place to presume.

    • Alternative Nation

      My take is he is saying he was humbled that Scott wanted to write music with him on Blaster.

      • Allison Auld

        I get it. That makes sense. Thanks:)

  • Eddie Yarler

    Tommy co-wrote every song on Blaster. When Joey and Nick joined I loved the idea of Tommy being the consistent member in Scott’s career like Doug was. Its a shame they would indulge in their vices together. I hope Tommy does well. I can’t imagine how awful it is having two best friends die in the same year. Maybe it’ll be a wake up call.

    • larry cornwater

      I always saw Tommy as more of Scott’s friend than a great musician. Competent, yeah, and as the years went on, he definitely learned to complement Scott with his back up vocals.

      But Nick Maybury and Joey Castillo, man. Even though they weren’t as close as Tommy was to Scott, they would have dragged themselves through burning coals to help Scott get better, if that was what Scott wanted. And their musicianship, top notch. The next Wildabouts album would have been 10 times what Blaster is, and I fucking love Blaster.

      At the end of the day though, I hope Tommy, Joey, & Nick are all doing well and don’t feel any sort of guilt or remorse for the way things turned out. It’s none of their faults….

      • Eddie Yarler

        I completely agree with you. I will always wonder what Wildabouts 2 would have sounded like, and I hate it. Here’s how I break it down let’s see if you agree. In terms of talent within the rock genre for The Wildabouts I think

        Nick, Joey and Jeremy were on Scott’s level

        Danny and Doug were below it (but good songwriters nonetheless)

        and Tommy was right in the middle.

  • dakotablue

    Crackerman came on the radio today as I was driving, and after my initial excitement (that’s one STP song not played much around here), my heart sank when I realized it’s the one-year anniversary of his death. Still sad and in disbelief. RIP Scottie.

  • Eddie Yarler

    I’ll always appreciate the Wildabouts because they had chemistry in the studio with Scott. But yeah, I agree, Jeremy was the real talent in the original lineup. In Tommy’s defense Rob Deleo, Duff Mckagen set a really high standard haha.

    That’s really the worst part about it man. I thought what kept Scott going after two divorces, the death of his brother, being fired from VR and STP was his love of music. I thought just the ambition alone to write music with the very talented Nick Maybury and Joey Castillo would be enough to keep him pressing on. It seems like he just gave up when Jeremy passed.

  • Allison Auld

    I agree with you to a point and I don’t know about Joey Castillo but Nick Maybury was NOT condoning what was going on. Quite the opposite. He actively tried to help Scott and was very affected by his death. He is also extremely loyal to his memory. A person could argue that he should have quit but he sincerely loved the music and if he quit, Scott would have just hired someone else. And who knows what the character of his replacement would have been like? Nick was very worried about Scott and was watching out for him. But he was hired to his guitar player, not his babysitter or his sober companion. His concern and love wasn’t enough, of course but Scott was lucky to have someone like Nick around him in his final days.

  • Allison Auld

    This guy’s really something. He just gave an “exclusive” interview to yahoo about Scott and what wonderful shape Scott was in toward the end. He doesn’t address the whole “drinking buddies” thing but he does say that he doesn’t like that the whole cocaine thing is going to be the first thing to come up on a Google search for him for the rest of his life. Poor guy.