Jimmy Page Reveals Truth About Paul Stanley


Kiss frontman Paul Stanley recently took to his Instagram account and posted a picture with Led Zeppelin founder Jimmy Page. Page is ‘blown away’ by Stanley’s final KISS tour presentation.

Here is what he wrote in the caption: “Hours of great talk, laughs and dinner with my friend Jimmy in London today. I love the times we spend together. He was blown away by photos of our full stage and thrilled for Download. I had to say “Jimmy, you’re at the foundation of everything we do.”

See the photo below.

Paul Stanley reflects on the cancel culture

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley recently opened up on the concept of ‘cancel culture’ and stated that it “is more dangerous than what it wants to cancel.” Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard in court was the most recent example of cancel culture.

For those who are unaware of ‘Cancel culture,’ it is the idea that someone, usually a celebrity or a public figure, whose ideas or comments are considered offensive should be boycotted. These people are excluded and flouted by former friends, followers, and supporters alike, leading to declines in any careers and fanbase the individual may have at any given time.

Addressing the cancel culture issue in a tweet Stanley, who is currently on the road with Kiss, wrote: “Day off and I find myself thinking ‘Cancel Culture’ is more dangerous than what it wants to cancel. Is censorship and silencing people okay if you believe you’re right?? That is a slope we’re already slipping down. You defeat lies with truth, not gags.”