Steven Tyler Enjoys Four Hot Women In Leaked Video


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler was excited when filmed in a new video watching four young and beautiful violinists play “Dream On” backstage at a recent show. Tyler wrote on Instagram, “SECRET ENCORE AT LAST SHOW… ADD TO THE SET NEXT RUN??? #DEUCESAREWILD #AEROSMITH.” Steven Tyler’s doctor revealed a painful surgery he underwent in a statement yesterday.

Tyler’s bandmate Joe Perry recently told Consequence of Sound that Aerosmith will eventually do another album to follow up 2012’s Music From Another Dimension.

“Actually I had just finished working on my last solo album [prior to the new Hollywood Vampires LP],” he told us, “so I had been in the studio for the three or four months before we started on the Vampires record — so I was already rolling in the studio. It doesn’t take much to get me going — I love to record. So, when the time is right, Aerosmith will come around to do another record.”

He also said about Alice Cooper, “One of the things that’s impressed me the most about Alice, from the early days to now, even when he takes on the Alice Cooper persona, he’s a rocker. The music, from the first record on, you didn’t have to have all the theater that he was a pioneer with — there’s a lot of bands that were influenced by him over the years, without a doubt.

The thing is he also made sure that the music held up. You didn’t have to see the show to like an Alice Cooper record. On its own, it’s the real deal. So, that’s one of the things I admire about him.”

Steven Tyler recently uploaded a bizarre video with his stunning girlfriend that stunned fans.