Tool Singer Maynard James Keenan Rape Accuser Reacts To Being Called Liar


Alternative Nation reached out to IWas17HeWas36 and last week when Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan denied their anonymous and unverified sexual misconduct allegations.

Keenan tweeted last week, “Many thanks to those of you who saw right through this despicable false claim that only does damage to the #metoo movement. And shame on those of you who perpetuate this destructive clickbait. As for my delayed but un-required response, I had my phone off. You should try it.”

Alternative Nation has not published the contents of their allegations due to their unverified and anonymous nature. responded to Alternative Nation, while IWas17HeWas36 didn’t. I learned her real name, which did match up with one listing. Fans have been suspicious of the account, and another one called Buried Memories, as they were created within a few hours of each other, leading to many fans calling her a liar and fraud who created multiple accounts. These emails took place after Keenan’s tweet.

Alternative Nation first contacted asking for proof and more details regarding her allegations. I asked her, “Do you have any proof/more details regarding your accusations against Maynard James Keenan?”

She responded, “Yes I would be willing to make a statement. I am willing to report my experience the night of 11/06/03 with Maynard Keenan. Let me know how to proceed.”

I asked, “Did you create the Buried Memories account? It was registered within a couple of hours of your account, which has made many very suspicious. Also, what is your story/claim about Maynard? Do you have friends and family who can corroborate you told them about it? Do you have a ticket stub from the concert?”

She responded, “Just so you know that other Twitter account was not me, so you should definitely track down who she is.

I can assure you my account of what happened is 100% factual and over the years I have shared with select friends. In fact on 11/11/17 I shared a #metoo on Facebook. This post was public and is now private so that my identity is protected. I had no idea this was going to blow up the way it has and I’m glad I had the chance to be prepared before I got in over my head.

I was not at the concert, they invited me to the hotel from a place of business back to their hotel.”

I then pressed for more proof and corroboration, “What place of business? Do you have a screenshot of the Facebook post and comments?”

She responded, “I’m working with Rolling Stone thank you.”

Alternative Nation is still choosing to not cover her Twitter allegations, which were short and brief, as she would not provide us with additional details, or proof/corroboration including the Facebook screenshot. We are also not covering the details of IWas17HeWas36’s allegations for the same reasons.

  • JohnnyB

    Yet, you are covering the allegations…

    • Alternative Nation

      I have never once printed the ‘stories’ told by the anonymous unverified accusers. Many other sites printed the full stories, even ones that didn’t at first put it was Maynard’s response. I reported a relevant recent quote from Maynard about how headlines aren’t always the truth, Maynard’s response in an article with evidence showing how suspicious these Twitter accounts are, and a quote from Maynard’s book with his own words about how he dealt with groupies completely consensually. That is all I’ve reported about this, no unverified anonymous stories.

      When the story started blowing up I contacted Maynard’s publicist, this dingledoddies person, and IWas17HeWas36. Maynard’s publicist sent me a statement, and this dingledoddies responded to me, so I decided to print the email conversation since I mentioned at the time that I reached out to everyone. Based on the emails though, I did not get any sort of evidence that would make me feel it would be proper to post her accusation story from Twitter.

      • JohnnyB

        Nice loophole! Gotta get them clicks, amirite?

        • Amanda Hugenkis

          I really enjoyed the article.
          As a long time fan of Maynard and his many faces, I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting to see how this develops.
          I appreciate the unbiased opinion!

        • Daniel Buchanan

          Quit being an attention seeker, JohnnyB.

          • JohnnyB

            Oh, the irony…

      • Fal

        The story didn’t really “blow up” as it was literally like 4 clickbait websites that were repeating the Twitter post or “reporting” or copy pasting each other’s articles, ultimate guitar was siting alternative nation’s articles, and then a couple shady spam filled news sites were reposting the alternative nation article. and then scary mommy reposted it with a directly hostile towards mjk cant, coddling the alleged accuser with their “the victim ” garbage.

        • Alternative Nation

          I have never posted the actual allegations (the tweets with the claims), and I didn’t even cover the media news surrounding the story until the moment Maynard made his response (and within that article I posted evidence that suggests the lack of evidence and credibility behind these claims).

          Ultimate-Guitar was the first website to post the Twitter accusations about Maynard, followed by other websites. At this time I put up an article about a recent interview Maynard did about crazy news headlines, and I vaguely mentioned it was relevant with some stuff that was swirling around, though I never mentioned the specific allegations.

          A couple days later huge outlets picked up on the accusations when Maynard’s statement came out. All of the other outlets have posted the actual accusation tweets within their articles with Maynard’s response. I have not, I even censored the tweets in my article where I had the evidence about why these claims currently lack any validity or proof.

  • Corndog

    Does anyone else really hate the term ‘reached out to’? It always makes me cringe.

  • Jared Pinnix

    “I was not at the concert, they invited me to the hotel from a place of business back to their hotel,” directly contradicts the ENTIRE story told on twitter.

    I thought it started at a NIN/APC show. I thought he noticed her in the crowd and tossed her a water bottle. I thought he raped her on his tour bus.

    • Joe Haggard

      the person speaking in this article is a different person, different story than the “Iwas17.. ” person.

    • Al

      It’s a second accuser.

      One accusation was in 2000 (the original accuser) and the other was in 2003. The timing of account creation is questionable because the second accuser created their account within hours of the first accuser.

      When questioned, the second accuser cut off communication and now claim they are working with Rolling Stone (home of the UVA rape scandal…so thumbs down on choice of media outlet). I was willing to listen when I first heard the allegations, but this is really reeking of a smeer job for unknown reasons. I could be wrong, but I’m definitely not convinced enough to destroy a man’s life.

  • JoeWillyWilly

    I wonder how many of these claims would ever be made if the media didn’t cover them like elections.

  • Madprophet

    This is so obviously complete nonsense. Maynard Keenan? No one says that. And look at the other sentences. No one talks like that unless they are Chinese hackers.

  • Lisa Murphy

    Wow…thanks “Alternative Nation” you really cracked that code….NOT!!!
    Clearly, as other commenters have noted, you are perpetuating yet more accusations that are not substantiated in any way.
    The perportions to which this #metool

    • Alternative Nation

      No I’m not, I reached out when this story came out a week ago and these emails took place over a period of 4-5 days. I mentioned at the time I contacted the accusers along with Maynard’s publicist. I posted Maynard’s statement, and now I’m posting this conversation, where she provided no proof when offered several opportunities to do so, for everyone to see. If there really is some big Rolling Stone expose coming, then we’ll wait and see, but at this point I am given no reason/evidence to believe that any of this is true.

  • Jean François

    Why is she working with Rolling Stone instead of the police?

    • Hambone72

      Can she not do both?

      • mystic headlock

        She can but she’s not and in 15 years never has, apparently.

    • Jean François

      I’m sick of this story…goddamn, gimme a new album

    • Thanks.Dick

      Because its not a real story. She’s doing it 15 years later for attention.

    • Lisa Murphy

      ??my thoughts exactly. Im all for victims speaking out- and having a platform to do so.
      You’d think a liberally soaked publication would think outside the proverbial box-and investigate rather than interview the accuser.
      It doesn’t seem like anyone is interested in creating a stopgap to weed out false or downright fabricated allegations. It’s certainly a touchy subject and not his responsibility to correct -Maynard IS proving to be the perfect squeaky wheel

      • AgentSmith

        “Investigate instead of interview”

        Pray tell: how does one investigate an anonymous accusation made on social media? The only thing you can do is ask the anonymous person for proof – and her story is now contradicting itself. In her tweet she was at the concert. In the email she wasn’t at the concert. hmmm…

    • DanSwon

      If you knew how unlikely it was that she would get a conviction and how much of a harrowing ordeal it would be, you’d know why she, and the vast majority of all sexual assault victims, never even bother going to the police.

    • Vitu Perative

      What exactly are the police going to do?

  • sensorglitch

    “I am willing to report my experience the night of 11/06/03 with Maynard Keenan”

    The original tweet said “Here goes: I was 17 and he was 36. I went to see A Perfect Circle and NIN in the year 2000 with my high-school boyfriend. ”

    Also, if you are wondering if she meants 11/06/03 , APC and NIN didn’t play on that date.

    Does this website do absolutely zero fact checking? It took me 30 seconds to check this. At some point this is definitely libel.

    • Lettuce Prime

      These are two different fucking people with two different fucking allegations. Read the damn article.

      • Daniel Marroquin

        No. She said she was not “buriedmemories”

        • Daniel Marroquin

          Reread… nvm

  • Ariel

    I’m not sure where you guys are getting that there are two different people referred to in the article. There is only one. Dingledoddies@gmail is the email linked to the iwas17hewas36 account. There is no other people mentioned. So to me she is in fact a liar. She has now told two very different stories and that’s all the confirmation I need to no longer care about this story. Iooking forward to the new tool album:)

    • Al

      There are two different accusers that have come forward. One allegation occurred in 2000 and the second one was 2003. The issue is the timing of account creation makes the accuser look suspicious.

  • Jared K

    Good job, Brett.

  • Sonny Bono

    Not callin her a liar but man there’s a lot of inconsistencies between her story then and now. Too many. Even if she were telling the truth, if you change your story once (in a major way) you’re done.

  • Cunt Fuckula

    It amazes me that nothing has ever come out about Anthony Keidis or Dave Navarro, two of the biggest sexual perverts in rock music. Anthony seemingly can’t date a woman over the age of 20, and Navarro is every bit the slimebag his image would suggest. I had a friend who used to communicate with Navarro when she lived in the New York area, and when she wouldn’t meet up to fuck him, he threw a fit like a little pussy baby and spread a bunch of lies and bs about her on his lame message boards. A real class act that guy and it was all rather funny to her, as she wasn’t even using her real name when talking to that little midget.

    • Kay B

      I didn’t know he slept with women.

    • Ian

      I was thinking the same thing about Kiedis. Hell, the song Catholic School Girls Rule is about having sex with an underage girl. He even says so in his autobiography Scar Tissue. I guess only time will tell, but then again Anthony Kiedis seems like such a genuine soul. He’s the type who women literally thow themselves at. Maynard on the other hand, I could definitely see it being plausible.

  • 0athkeeper

    All I had to see that this was bullshit was the twitter handle. That and she didn’t go to the police. Good luck with the defamation of character lawsuit you lying whore.

  • Olga Stewart

    Better get the Scooby gang on the case.

    They can’t do any a worse a job than either Brett or Rolling Stone will.

  • Kay B

    Alternative Nation will not cover this story, but at the same time it will cover this story…..

    • Shane Winn

      What a fucking joke she is a fucking liar or a fool if this infact did happen she would of went to the police the fact she didn’t says ALOT I know some women don’t feel like it’s a thing that they should do but to come out fofteen years later is a joke and it’s irresponsible at best so whoever she is she is maybe letting it ride would be good advice cause you should never attach that rape shit to a man if he infact does not deserve to wear that badge….

  • William Prince

    I guess rolling stone has not learn from the last time some lying cvnt faked a rape story in their rag of a paper.

  • nos

    dont worry, guys, he’s not reporting on it he’s just writing articles about it. totally different thing.

  • James Herter

    In the accusation post she said that he (MJK) saw her close to the stage and had a backstage official invite her to meet the band. Now she wasn’t at the concert? Seriously!

  • Christopher Zeitz

    So if they’re serious enough to come out after all this time and threaten testifying, statements etc.. instead of actually going to authorities, they go to Rolling Stone!
    Shouldn’t that rest the entire case?
    It’s all BS.

    • Vitu Perative

      Please provide a detailed explanation of exactly what the fuck you think the authorities would do about this.

      • Christopher Zeitz

        Nothing….and that wasn’t my point dummy!

        • Vitu Perative

          Let me spell it out for you then…
          If the authorities will do nothing, where do you go to next?

          • Christopher Zeitz

            You aren’t very bright are you?
            You clearly don’t understand my original response so stop talking.

          • Vitu Perative

            Or maybe you didn’t think your comment through, don’t really have a point and just came here to show your servile support for an artist you know nothing personally about.

          • Christopher Zeitz

            Like I said in all of my responses to you…

  • Al

    If I wanted my rape allegations taken seriously, the LAST PLACE I would go is Rolling Stone. I refer to the University of Virginia.

  • Rob Lee

    She claims she got HPV from Maynard. HPV can be traceable. I’m not sure if they can pinpoint it & trace it back to the person who gave exactly as they can with HIV, possibly they can, but there are many different strains of HPV. I’m not saying this should be done now, but if she comes out to Rolling Stone, and defamation is on the table if untrue as MJK says, as I am leaning toward, then potentially forensics can ultimately put it to bed. If not able to be traced 100% with accuracy, at least the strain can be traced. If they do not have the same strain, then there’s proof, if they do, it may help her credibility, which at this point I don’t believe she has any. The downside would be if there’s a particularly common strain where 80% of people have it, then it would prove nothing really. I’m not that well versed in HPV strains and the forensics behind it. OR, in this scenario, if Maynard doesn’t have it at all, or she doesn’t, cased closed.

    Curious if anyone looked at this possibility.