Chris Cornell Made Heartbreaking Promise Shortly Before Death


Another interview from Chris Cornell’s final press junket from April 2017 has surfaced after having not been previously publicized. In the interview with Manny The Movie Guy, which was promoting The Promise, Cornell described the horrendous acts in genocides against Armenians and Greeks. Cornell and Manny also made a promise to make the world a better place. Alternative Nation transcribed Cornell’s comments.

Manny: Right. You know, it’s so sad, 100 years later it’s happening again.

Cornell: In exactly the same way, the warning signs are still the same, the denials are all the same and it’s shocking to think that people will watch this film and you’ll get the sense that it was 100 years ago because they’ve captured this period and I hope they walk out with the realization that this is happening now, with the awareness that it’s happening now and not allow themselves to be lied to or be distracted by it.

Manny: Let’s make a promise that will make the world a better place.

Cornell: I would love it, I will make that promise and I wish that everyone would make that promise.

Manny: [Shaking Cornell’s hand] Ah thank you. Keep on rocking, keep on singing.

Chris Cornell tragically died in May 2017 following a Soundgarden show in Detroit. The photo in this article was taken by Dustin Halter.