Ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist Covers Alice In Chains “Man in the Box”


Ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers/current Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro recently uploaded a video of himself covering the Alice In Chains classic “Man in the Box”.

Navarro mourned Layne Staley, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, and Kurt Cobain in a Billboard piece last year.

“Chris was so the antithesis of that voice in his quiet, reserved way. Which created a lot of mystique. I remember in 2003 Jane’s Addiction was on tour with Audioslave for Lollapalooza, and Chris and I were both clean from drugs and alcohol and we invited kids from treatment centers at different spots in the country to hang out backstage and just show them you can do what we do and enjoy touring and the music without being loaded. That’s what makes this so very hard to wrap my head around. This is a guy who was involved in making the world a better place for people.

I just can’t believe that all these people I came up with are gone: Scott [Weiland], Kurt [Cobain], Layne [Staley], now Chris. All my friends are dying. How is it possible?”

Watch the cover below.

Late night break with @benjammin86 #aliceinchains #maninthebox Jaime’s Addiction!

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  • Olga Stewart

    She has some voice. :).

    • laforge1701

      Really? Sounds whiny and nasally as fuck to me.

      • Agree.

        • Jeni Mistretta

          You need to cleanse ya ears and ya fuckin mouth. Jesus christ, who the fuck are you? Luciano Pavarotti?? ?

          • LOL – That’s right! ? Now “ya” go ahead and feel free to seethe some (moar)

          • Ruth Fernandez

            Ok, Simon Cowell ? It was a “cover” for goodness sakes… she did a great job… looks like someone didn’t take their meds ???‍♀️

            Ps. Hey Jeni?

          • ?❁

            A Poorly executed cover. Jmo ~

      • Jaime Benjamin

        Ok bro… way to be a fuckin internet troll. This was meant to be fun here, were not recording an album. I feel bad for musicians who have to deal with shit talkers like you every day. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t fucking say it at all. Didn’t your mom teach you that? Ass

        • laforge1701

          It’s odd how people actually agree with me, like the person below me.

          so in your world people aren’t allowed to have a fucking opinion?

          just because she’s some new bimbo that Dave Navarro wants to fuck doesn’t make her a singer.
          She doesn’t have an appropriate voice for this song.
          Now she was covering something like Imogene heap, bjork, or Kate Bush, that would be more appropriate for her singing Style.

          if you want to see an example of trolling, Why don’t you go suck your daddy’s dick again?

          • Jaime Benjamin


          • laforge1701

            I’m quite aware that it’s you singing, my original post was addressing everyone else but I edited it so it was directly speaking to you.

            You do not have the voice to sing something like this.

            Go do some Shania Twain karaoke or Miranda Lambert, or maybe that Thousand Miles song by Vanessa.. I can’t remember her last name.

            There are literally people at my local karaoke bar who sang that song better than you..

          • Jaime Benjamin

            You really have to be a piece of shit to put all that hate into someone you don’t know. Im done with you

          • Andrew Rogers

            You sound salty that Navarro is fucking hotter girls than you are

          • Jaime Benjamin

            People always assume other things when they don’t really know. He is one of my best friends in the whole world. I was afraid to sing and have been for years and he helped me face my fears. People like you are the reason why I never pursued my career. Thanks and have a great life.

          • laforge1701

            Well I would say give it a few more years practice, and then you might be able to work your way through something like Love Shack

  • Josh Martinez

    He was with the peppers for one album and Jane’s Addiction since ’86. Ugh I hate this era of clickbait titles

    • Joel Clark

      Not too mention that Dave and the rest of RHCP would rather forget about that album. It was a disaster.

  • Andrew Rogers

    That girl can sing..