Tool’s Chinese Democracy: A Decade Of New Album Riffs & Teases


ToolArchive have uploaded a compilation of new (or I guess now, old) Tool riffs and live teases from the last decade since the release of 10,000 Days in 2006. ToolArchive wrote, “Everything I could find that may or may not end up on the new Tool album. Official live visuals by Can Buyukberber. Do you think Danny said ‘After the record this summer’ at the beginning?”


In a recent Team Rock feature on the Melvins’ back catalogue, Buzz Osborne said while discussing 1994’s Stoner Witch: “I think it was the longest time we ever spent in the studio actually, 19 days, which for us is a long time.

“Bands like Tool obviously spend about six months on their albums, and they’ve spent about 10 years putting together the new one.

“And they haven’t even started recording yet, but Adam told me the shortest song they’ve been working on is 12 minutes long. Anyway, Stoner Witch was great.”

Blair has posted the latest Tool newsletter on the band’s official website, where he hints at Tool revealing secrets they’ve kept for years, including new album news, and also hints at a larger tour with the name ‘Rance Q. Spartley,’ which he usually uses when a Tool tour is coming.

Blair wrote, “Everyone knows that the band is still working on their new record, and that there’s really no other major news other than that.”

“No, you’re wrong. There are certain things that people need to know about. Things that finally need to be revealed – concerning the new record and other band related matters. Things that I’ve been holding back… for years… because I felt that I had to, but now it’s time to make them public. Only, we’re stuck in this desert hellhole… up to our lug nuts in burning sand…”