Twin Peaks Co-Creator Reacts To Season 4 ‘Mystery’ Idea


Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost liked a post on Twitter with a fan idea for Part 18 of Season 3 actually being the beginning of a new mystery. Charles de Lauzirika tweeted, “Here’s what I’m going with: Part 17 was the ending of Season 3. And Part 18 is a new beginning, a new mystery. #Twin Peaks”

The only statement Frost himself has made about the end of Twin Peaks: The Return was a tweet on Sunday night stating, “Peaks folk: Thanks for living the dream. Wherever life takes you, may the road always rise to meet your wheels…

Kyle MacLachlan was asked by The Hollywood Reporter about the possibility of Twin Peaks continuing. He responded, “I don’t know. They have had no discussions. I have had no discussions about anything beyond what we’ve seen. That’s where it is right now. I don’t have any other answer than that, I guess.”

He also said regarding the ending of the finale, “I would love playing Cooper forever and ever. It’s just one of those characters who seems to fit. David [Lynch] and I have worked to make this amazing world and character. I love it. I hate saying goodbye. I hate not seeing him every week on the television. In terms of ‘What year is this?’ I think it just asks more questions.”

  • Luca

    It is the beginning of a new mistery, but that doesn’t mean that there’s going to be a Season 4.

    • Micah Carey

      There may not be, there may be. If Lynch wants to continue the story, then everybody else will be on board. We don’t know where his head is on this. At this point, I’d say it’s more likely it won’t happen, but again we’re talking about David Lynch.

  • Michael Em

    I think Lynch might need some kind of ‘sign’ to continue, kind of like the 25 years thing. It would be funny if fans manufactured signs for him. He should really do it. He has the opportunity to do whatever he wants to at this point. Apparently he doesn’t stress out filming, but has fun.
    All signs seem to be pointing to another season.

    • Animatronic Mojo

      Here’s the sign: on the 2020 Winter Solstice, there will be another “Great Conjunction” between Saturn and Jupiter. Twin Peaks season 4 (or Twin Peaks: The Return season 2) must air in Fall 2020, with the season finale on December 21, just as The Black Lodge in our world re-opens.

      • Michael Em

        I want the sign to happen sooner!
        I saw him in an interview saying he made Lost Highway after someone gave his door buzzer a strange message. It went into his movie. Someone said, “Dick Laurent is dead.” and he used the scene twice in the movie. The whole thing kind of wrapped around it.
        Someone needs to confound him in some way that relates to writing Twin Peaks season 4.

  • Easton Houle

    Let’s not forget that Frost is already coming out with another Twin Peaks book in October: ‘The Final Dossier’.

    I expect it to be voice-acted by the cast like the last one.

  • Miken Ayers

    I didn’t take the final episode any other way. Too much was being resolved, coming together, and such to just pull the plug and not put a bow on it.

    I don’t believe that if that was how they intended to bookend Twin Peaks that they would’ve needed 18 episodes.

    It looks like once again, Cooper is trapped and his job is far from done.