Watch Dave Grohl Tell Injured Rock Star ‘Don’t Be A F*cking Pussy’


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl filmed a funny video to help encourage Joyous Wolf drummer Robert Sodaro as he deals with an injury. Grohl hilariously told him that based on his own experiences with an injured foot in 2015, he had four words for him: ‘Don’t be a fucking pussy.’

“Wanted to give @oboerob some words of encouragement while he’s back at the room resting his hurt foot…so I asked my buddy Dave to help me out… #rock #alternative #altrock #alt #rockandroll #rocknroll #rockbands #newrock #rockshow #joyouswolf #roadrunner #roadrunnerrecords #davegrohl #foofighters.”

Watch the latest video from Good Guy Grohl below!

Grohl revealed why terribly bad hip hop star Lil Pump has the punk rock/Grunge spirit in a new GQ interview.

“It depends how you define punk rock. You know who Lil Pump is? (describes Lil Peep) No. That was Lil Peep. Lil Pump is form the same genre, that slow-cooked emo hip hop thing. Anyway, he has a song called “Gucci Gang’. It’s hilarious, the video has tigers and bags of weed and blue Lamborghinis in it. Yet for my eldest daughter, Lil Pump is punk rock. In 2018, music doesn’t – and shouldn’t – sound like it did when I was 14. I guess for me punk rock is about a state of independence and if that’s Lil Pump then so be it. It’s about being free to do whatever the hell you want to do.”