Twin Peaks’ Julee Cruise Calls Finale ‘Slap In The Face’ From ‘Emperor’ David Lynch


Julee Cruise appeared for a brief performance at the end of the first part of Twin Peaks’ two hour finale last night on Showtime. Cruise isn’t happy with the finale or how she was treated on the show, and she made her feelings known with a series of posts on Facebook. Cruise was iconic for her performances on the original series.

She wrote on Facebook, “I’m done. 😊and I could care Less about TP. My subconscious never lies……I have my answer now of what I will do with the rest of my life!” Twin Peaks star Harry Goaz liked this post, and commented: “I love you Julee!”

Cruise also wrote of the finale, “I Yelled my Head off in Anger!”

“I’m very angry right now.”

A fan wrote, “I was SO HAPPY to see you and yet heartbroken to get so little. You are as much Twin Peaks as any OG cast member. It was a disappointing experience after a season of long musical acts to only get a few seconds of you. By far the most disappointing part of the entire finale.”

Cruise responded, “He did it to slap me in the face.”

“I So God Damned Sick of …….if you only knew.”

“They Treated Me Like Teash!”

“You weren’t there! I’ve been there with them for Most of my life!”

“I don’t like The David Lynch Sabrina Southerland Attitude toward me, and I Will Never Work for The Emperor Again..thank God!”

“I tried to hide. I changed my numbed! I changed my email address…it was such A BUMMER when I heard it was coming Back.”

  • Fundamentalist Daleks

    She has mental problems, obviously. As if the episode would’ve been improved by cutting out the plot and adding more of her lip syncing to an old recording. As if DL did it to be vindictive instead of for pacing/timing reasons. As if the show wasn’t ending and every minute counted.

    • John Revenant

      You’re Lynch’s best friend and know all this to be true, yes? No? Thought not. You may want to check your own mental problems.

  • Trovoid

    That finale sure was something. I have all sorts of lingering feelings.

    • johnhurschelrunion

      it was very lost highway.

  • Jinzo Ningen

    Julee has always been a sourpuss. She needs to cut that out already.
    I was pleased to see her in the finale as I’m sure most fans were.
    There’s nothing to complain about but complaining itself. Or, she’s a tulpa.

    • Stone Skull

      she has soured it herself with the outburst.

      i enjoyed seeing her and now feel like she’s a bitch.

      • Jinzo Ningen

        Indeed. Yet still, kookoo for cocoapuffs mean-ass or not, her music was beautiful and was so nice to see in the finale.

  • Thomas Siebert

    The strange, limited exposure of Ms. Cruise is part and parcel of Lynch’s attempts to destroy “Twin Peaks” and insult its fans, which those last two hours revealed pretty clearly.

    He negated all that came before in those final two hours. It was an ugly, disturbing, soul-sucking thing to watch. I don’t blame Julee Cruise for feeling she got slapped in the face. We all did.

    • scottheim

      I have to say I think you misinterpreted the entire finale. You might want to read the VARIETY recap, which elegantly explains the complexities behind what you call “slapping in the face.”

      • Thomas Siebert

        I read it. I disagree pretty strongly.

        Don’t disagree that what’s going on is “complex,” but Lynch’s contempt for the original source material and “Twin Peaks” fans is pretty obvious.

        • Stone Skull

          no it isn’t.

          don’t tell a musician how to play his music.

          • Thomas Siebert

            “Stone Skull.” Uh-huh.

            He basically negated everything “Twin Peaks” had been about in those last 75 minutes or so. He wiped the slate clean with the same spit he used for our faces.

            You fanboys can follow this bitter misanthrope over the cliffs of nihilism like lemmings, but I’m not going along with this “The Emperor’s clothes are brilliant!” scam.

          • kuzronk

            It’s the same creators as the original. It’s their own show to do however they want.

          • sniffy


          • scottheim

            “Fanboys.” Is that what you call serious writers and critics when they don’t agree with your pissy theories?

          • Thomas Siebert

            FWIW, I was a professional film critic for seven years in two separate stints, during which period I won a couple awards for my work. Got a film degree from UMd. Worked in TV for a while. I know my way around this drill.

            Not that it matters. I read better analysis of stuff from so-called “amateurs” on Reddit and elsewhere than many of the so-called “serious” professional writers and critics at even the most major publications nowadays. Maybe this would’ve always been the case, it’s just in years past the open range of the internet was not available for them to make their case.

            I do give you credit for actually posting under your own name though. Far better than the anonymous cowards that take their cheap shots from the shadows.

            If you liked that abusive finale, that’s fine and you’re welcome to make your case. But those two hours carried a brimstone whiff, and I’m calling ’em as I see ’em.

    • Rkatx

      Are you kidding?? As if this whole story arc was focused on any one person or theme for ‘revenge’? Jesus H. Christ how can anyone believe those guys had time and intention to do that. I like Miss Cruise but she’s off base from a fans point of view. thrse two episodes were put together to take us where THEY want to go. It’s not a haphazard story. If your not happy why are you still here…

      • Stone Skull

        joan chen wanted to be in the return but lynch couldn’t find the spot for her… you don’t see her crying ‘slap in the face’

        • Rkatx

          That’s a great point. She went to great lengths to get ‘back in’. It was kinda cool what they did with retro Peaks. That whole part returning to T P as they did. It gave me the feeling of being home agai!

      • Thomas Siebert

        The whole creative project now, it’s clear, was to negate “Twin Peaks” and kill it. Ruin it forever.

        Why am I still here? To burn off my anger, frustration and sense of betrayal, so I don’t carry it for a day or two.

        It’s interesting that both the push backs on my comment are not only anonymous (how courageous!) but also carry the subtext that I should basically just shut up–“Why are you still here?” “Don’t tell a musician how to play his music.”

        Don’t criticize the Emperor. You’ll take what’s given to you and you’ll like it.

        Well, I don’t like it. Lynch shit all over “Twin Peaks,” its legacy and its fans. Julee Cruise was just collateral damage as he deconstructed and destroyed something millions loved.

        • mark

          Perhaps this Season 3 will require some time to “marinate” in our minds for a few years. I’m sure you, like me, remember the critical drubbing FWWM received when it was first released. Now it’s considered canon in the TP universe.

          • Thomas Siebert

            I reviewed FWWM back in the day, didn’t hate it like a lot of film critics did, but did find it a frustrating disappointment.

            Thought it had an effective “mood” and “atmosphere” but it wasn’t really “Twin Peaks” as much as a straight up psychological horror film, raising more questions than answers.

            But that was just a two hour movie. We’re talking an 18 hour undertaking here that built up all this foreshadowing and intricate sub plotting, only to veer off in a totally new direction and wipe the slate clean.

            I don’t think we should easily dismiss the Lynch vanity production angle here either–he basically supplants himself in the Cooper role, takes all the best “Damn good”/coffee/thumbs up stuff, does the detective work, and so on.

            I don’t deny the pleasures along the way, but the ending is so sour and contemptuous, it has put me off “Twin Peaks” forever.

          • Nick Hodges

            Please do not return.

        • Rkatx

          I’ll bet you have a miserable life. Full of negativity and disdain. The bottom line is this film is ENTERTAINMENT! You would know if you are going to like Lynch’s work by previous films. I’ll bet you have watched other than FWWM. Did you like any of his films or were they all Lynch’s attempt to make you feel ripped off? So YOU don’t like Lynch craping all over T P legacy? It’s his freaking legacy you dolt! He can do as he pleases and not with your permission! He and only he can steer T P whichever way he wants and that is what he has done. And certainly after 5 episodes you know if you are going to enjoy it. Why would you continue to watch if it’s such a piece of trash? Or if, as you believe, he’s ruining his own work would you participate? So you unload all your deep negativity on the others here just trying to discuss the story arc so you don’t have to walk around with it. I’m afraid you have much deeper problems than Lynch ruining his own legacy.

          • Thomas Siebert

            Ugh. More personal attacks, baseless accusations and fanboy worship, in the lieu of critical thinking or rational defense of the art (not the artist).

            FWIW, I’ve seen all Lynch’s films, including many of his shorts. Some have blown me away, like “Mulholland Drive,” “Blue Velvet,” “The Elephant Man” and “The Straight Story.” Others have not, and felt too self-indulgent to the point of boring, like “Wild at Heart,” “Dune” and “Inland Empire.” But each of those is a stand-alone creation, and an audience can take them on their own individual merits and agree or not.

            For “Twin Peaks,” however, I’d suggest you are completely off-base. When you write “He and only he can steer Twin Peaks’ direction,” I’m left scratching my head about how you think Mark Frost–who wrote many episodes and co-created the series–fits into the equation. It seems like you are not even familiar with the pedigree of the show, or are so caught up in your fanboy worship of one man that it blinds you to the creative reality.

            Moreover, it was Frost’s returned participation–after splitting from Lynch for FWWM–that gave me hope he would be able to balance Lynch’s most dark and abstract impulses. It was that creative tension and balance that made the original “Twin Peaks” so good: The soap opera camp with the true emotional connections; the occult weirdness and the real-life dramatics; the crazy tangents and the narrative closures– and we DID get a lot of closure in those first 18 episodes or so.

            It was not unreasonable to expect Frost might be able to counterpoint Lynch’s worst and most diabolical desires; he’d done it in the past, and only when he split did the “Twin Peaks” story take a dive into the abyss with out looking back. Frost’s influence was clear through the first 16 episodes, and I enjoyed that journey very much, but the destination all but ruined how we got there–you can take a limousine ride, but if it ends up at a slaughterhouse, was it worth it?

            So, I don’t think you really understand how this has all played out over the years, anonymous commenter, because it very much sounds like you are in the throes of a creative artist, not his creation.

            And look, the personal attacks are never a good move. It wins you no points with any rational reader and says more about you than it does me. My experience has been that these sorts of comments are usually defensive projections of the one making the insult. The only time I’ve felt miserable in recent memory was when that 18th Episode of “Twin Peaks: The Return” ended. A funk followed me around for a day, and only now is it lifting. Not sure why that sort of “entertainment” (hint: it’s not “entertainment”) would have anyone rallying to the its side.

    • Phi

      Not only slapped but shitted on. And then he methodically rubbed it on our face. The man have only contempt for the fans. He don’t care for any of them, just for his precious art and how he view it.

      • Jonothan Harker

        The finale was amazing. You just got LYNCHED

      • Stone Skull


        he is a master of film and some appreciate it, some don’t..

        in the future though, he’ll be regarded like mozart or monet

        • mark

          That “test of time” will always be the most reliable measure of the enduring value of artistic creation.

      • Thomas Heijmans

        i love precious art

      • mark

        I hear that understand why some fans feel that way. We bring our expectations to most anything we highly anticipate, especially over 25 years. Yet, truth be told, all of us who viewed were willing participants in this particular experiment, for good or for ill. Some of us were not pleased with the conclusions, clearly, but that is to be expected. I think it would be rather dull if there was a consensus viewpoint either way. I like it when works of creative art are polarizing.

    • mark

      I get your sentiment about the legacy of the show and feeling betrayed by its creators. It’s quite natural for fans to create via their own dedication a sort of purist protective swath around the accepted mythology. Personally, I went into this season with zero expectations, watched each episode faithfully each week, sometimes two or three times, and attempted to process each in the context of what preceded. I made no judgements about the creators’ intent. I essentially handed over my mind to them and let them sail it like a Frisbee into the forest mist. I know what I was watching was wonderful and strange because it inonprovoked such an amount of viewer reaction an

    • Nick Hodges

      “We all did”

      You don’t speak for me, or the Twin Peaks community.
      In fact, after reading your comment, I find myself wondering what exactly you enjoyed about the original series.

      • Thomas Siebert

        What a bizarre comment. As if “Twin Peaks: The Return” was quite similar to the original. It’s not.

        1- Original was more focused on the Balance in the universe–good/evil, day/night, man/woman, love/lust, crime/justice etc. It blended soap opera with camp and lofty themes. I liked that. “The Return,” we now see, was all about the impotence of good in the face of evil. No thanks. I didn’t like that.

        2- Original was sensual and sexy. The handsome men and beautiful women were objectified and respected in equal measure. I liked that. “The Return” was not sensual and the sex was creepy, except when it was played for laughs. I didn’t like that at all.

        3- Original had better heroes. The loss of Sheriff Harry Truman was a big one. Lynch replacing himself in the lead FBI role for Cooper, while Cooper became a pathetic laughingstock before being turned into an impotent loser in the face of evil, was no equal trade.

        4- Detective work. The original was, even with all the occult trappings, still a procedural. I liked that. The new one had a little bit of this, but was concerned with far broader narrative themes.

        5- Michael Ontkean, Joan Chen, Piper Laurie, Laura Flynn Boyle. I liked all of them. Robert Forster, Crysta Bell, the Mitchums & their Candie girls, even Laura Dern–I liked them, but not like the originals (except maybe for the Mitchums).

        6- Twin Peaks itself. I liked being there. It was strange and wonderful. We didn’t nearly as much time there in “The Return.”

        There’s more, but considering the source, “Six” seems like a good number to stop.

        But really, if you need me to spell stuff like this out for you, Nick, it makes me wonder how deeply you actually enjoyed or understood “Twin Peaks” and its appeal to begin with. It seems pretty obvious to me, as well as why so many–so, so many–fans of the original show see this sequel as a betrayal.

        I don’t deny the talent behind it. I enjoyed “the ride” throughout the summer, but they payoff was a shit sandwich we were forced to eat. You can enjoy a ride in limo, but if it ends up at a slaughterhouse, you gotta questions whether the journey was worth it.

        Finally, I’m flattered you felt so moved by my comments that you actually registered for Disquis in order to attack me. Awesome. Unless, of course, “Nick” is a pseudonym for one of the other commenters already on this page attacking me. Either way, I’m flattered!

        • Nick Hodges

          I logged in through Facebook as I often do. That has no bearing on my simple point;

          Despite the way you word your points, you do not speak for the community. I do not claim to either.

          I have no interest in disputing opinions layed down as fact.

  • mark

    Purely a rant of the “sour grapes” variety, but not to be unexpected. She was just as iconic in the TP universe as anyone. But hey, what about Ray Wise? His appearances were very limited. I’m not aware if he publicly complained about that outcome.

  • Ross

    previous posters calling her a “bitch” need to settle down, that’s not called for. The song was cut short and it disappointed me instantly. Sure her reaction is a little over the top but i think lynch made a mistake

  • Doomsday

    I love Lynch and his films but when you are promised a satisyfying ending that would wrap up everything (this is from his own mouth) I feel the anger, for now, is justified.

    • John Richard

      Mark Frost said that not Lynch. He never said anything about New Twin Peaks except when it would air and when it would end.

  • Doomsday

    Yeah it’s a slap in the face. Lynch truncates her performance but yet gives full treatment for those God awful hipster bands that were showcased.

    • MarioisGod

      I agree with this. Just the audio of Green Onions by Booker T and the MG’s got more time than her and it was a scene with an empty Roadhouse (Bang Bang Bar) and his son sweeping the floor. I’d be a bit pissed as well.

  • Jérôme Piroué

    Doesn’t Julee Cruise owe Lynch most of her career?

  • John Richard

    I love Julie Cruise and sad to hear her say this but if she needs to leave so be it. We may never get more Twin Peaks anyway. I was glad to see the chromatics be the new roadhouse band. Lead singer is hot.

  • Blaarg

    So Julee…. Did you write the lyrics for the song? No, ok…. Did you write the music for that song? No, ok…. So basically, thanks to David Lynch and Badalamenti, you got your 15 minutes of fame, which you’ve never been able to recreate or capitalize on. And now that you get a second chance at some much needed exposure, you bite the hand that fed you. Someone who did something similar in the past was replaced by a tree this time around. Be warned….. Don’t burn bridges

  • Tom Miller

    Lynch loves these characters. He was not trying to kill off Twin Peaks. Though the show reaches an end, it is revealed that not only does Twin Peaks continue infinitely, everything is Twin Peaks. He did the entire opposite of “kill” Twin Peaks. He assured its place forever. Meanwhile, the great Julee Cruise seems to have been sucked into the black lodge along with Michael J. Anderson, although both these extraordinary people should be thanking the stars for the elevation of both their respective careers. Let us hope THEY return.

  • John Revenant

    Her appearance was a highlight for me. The series itself was a huge letdown. The script was poor, Lynch’s direction is not what it was, the CGI effects were amateur at best and the editing was hopeless. Agent Cooper wasn’t even it until the penultimate episode. There’s absolutely no way Twin Peaks will return again – bar reboots – after this nonsense has pi$$ed over its legacy.