Courtney Love In Huge Trouble With Government


Courtney Love is still in headlines after so many years of being the a focus, and never fading away into obscurity. This time, it’s not for the usual Love tactics getting her headlines, no. This is for something that could easily derail the entire train that is Courtney Love.

It was recently reported that Courtney Love owes over $2.4 million to the IRS and now they are taking big action very quickly. The widow of Kurt Cobain and former singer of Hole stated that she does have a new addiction and it’s a spending addiction which is now very clear to see.

Love had stated that she has never been good with her money and as an artist, it’s been a very hard thing to keep up with. Per Courtney Love and Radar, she stated the following about this new/old habit: “Financial literacy is one of the most critical things an artist can have,” Love admitted. “But it seems scary. It’s scary understanding my fault in all this – in acknowledging my overspending.”

As of now, there’s just no word on what exactly Courtney will end up doing, but it’s almost a for sure that she does have the money to get out of this when we take Kurt Cobain’s estate into consideration. In fact, this may be why we see so much Nirvana merchandise being pushed harder than we have seen in the past ten years.

As of now, Courtney Love is in London and this could be a tactic to evade, but of course, that’s just a rumor going around as Love has already stated that she is there to write a book and record some music. We just have to take that at face value and keep following all of this along to see what the plans for the future are and how she will live through this.