Metallica Icon Reveals Cancer News From Doctor


Megadeth frontman and former Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine was previously diagnosed with throat cancer in May 2019. He spoke to Full Metal Jackie’s nationally syndicated radio show about how his battle with the disease has affected the way he approaches his life, both on and off the stage.

Dave Mustaine talks about dealing with cancer

He said:

“Well, obviously, there’s a diet, there’s the food sources and liquids and how they affect my blood, my sugar in my blood, the dairy stuff in my blood. But I’ve never really worried too much about that ’cause I kind of have just gone out there and screamed my point across. So I think that that’s one thing that as I try and live a cleaner life because of the cancer…

“I’m cancer-free now, thank God,” he continued. “I just went and saw my radiologist and he told me October [2019] was the month that they had said that I was cancer-free. So I’m coming up on, I think it’s three years now.”

The 60-year-old Megadeth guitarist/vocalist had revealed his cancer battle in June 2019 on social media, saying the doctors had given him a 90 percent chance of beating the illness. Mustaine addressed his cancer battle during Megadeth’s concert in January 2020 at The SSE Arena in London, England. He has now stated that he doesn’t even think about the matter. Here is what he said:

“I don’t even think about it anymore. But it was something that made me take into consideration life in general, not so much what I do when I get onstage but just how much do I really appreciate the people around me? How much do I have a capacity in my heart to tolerate people that get on my nerves? Am I gonna send somebody away mad at each other and never see ’em again?

“It’s been a real eye-opening experience,” Mustaine explained.

Recently, “The Metal Tour Of The Year” saw Megadeth co-headlining with Lamb of God and Dave Mustaine was spotted sneaking into the stands at an arena show disguised in a black hoodie. The musician discreetly approached a young fan and, without speaking any words, handed him some guitar picks, before waving goodbye and walking away.