Watch Fans Break ‘Strict’ Rule At Chris Cornell’s Grave


Yesterday, Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky shared a letter sent to her from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery mentioning their ‘strict filming policy’ that forbids fans from filming at Chris’ grave or anywhere else at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

It states, “We do not allow unpermitted filming anywhere on the Grounds. It is our duty to protect the privacy of all the families who have entrusted us to care for their loved ones. Security is instructed by Hollywood Forever to stop anyone filming. They are instructed to be polite and firm.”

The letter later says, “It is our honor to have your Husband with us. We love that so many of his fans visit and spend the day here. Every time I pass his area, there is someone there visiting Chris. It is beautiful to see and reminds me how special and adored your husband is. Sending healing light and warm thoughts your way.”

Cornell’s management team told fans on Twitter, ““We understand that some of Chris’s fans wish to video their visits at Hollywood Forever, but we’ve had confirmation that it’s against their policy. We’d like to thank everyone for their understanding. – Management Team, Chris Cornell.”

Two news video clips have surfaced of fans filming short videos at Cornell’s grave, as many have this year.

  • Olga Stewart

    I really think this rule was just made up after Vicky got in touch with the cemetery about someone or someones filming his grave in a way that got her upset.

    If I’m wrong about this, then I apologize.

    But it is quite fitting with her current behaviour.

    On a different note…

    Near the end of the song clip played in that first IG video, I caught my breath while Chris not only was screaming but hitting that high note.

    There will truly never be another voice like his. And we are all the much poorer for that.

    • HippieChic61

      Its been the rule! Stop trying to hate on Vicky!

    • Trovoid

      Slaves and Bulldozers was one of the first songs to make me fall in love with Soundgarden! I associate Badmotorfinger and the TOTD album with a very nostalgic, innocent summer I once had. Discovering them that spring/summer changed my life and views on music. Thanks for the memories, Chris.

  • Nikki8375

    As mentioned in the letter, this cemetery
    does in fact have an open gate policy. They actually sell maps for $5 of all the famous people who are interred there. The people in the floral shop, where the maps are sold, won’t even let you see a glimpse of it or direct you to a single grave. If you want to visit any particular grave they urge you to buy a map, as to navigate the grounds easily. I visited the cemetery this summer as I was traveling around California. My main objective was to see Chris’ grave, but after seeing all the names of other famous deceased people on my “map” I decided to visit their graves, too. I took pictures of graves of Judy Garland, Micky Rooney, Bugsy Siegel, Anton Yeltson, two Ramones and of course Chris’. Now I don’t specifically know the cemetery’s rules on photo taking and filming, as I didn’t receive a copy of the regulations with my map. I did stroll into the flower shop with my camera hung around my neck, and at no time did the sales clerk advise me that photos and/or videos were prohibited. Perhaps this is a newer rule or the sales people aren’t forthcoming about what is allowed and permissable within the grounds. Then again, not everyone stops to purchase the map. Chris’ grave is steps from a curb and is very easily located. I think there are prettier, more private areas in that section where he could have been interred, but I understand it was important for him to be in close proximity to Ramone. Nonetheless, seeing his grave brought a feeling over me that I haven’t even gotten while visiting family members’ graves. The number of people he touched through his music is innumerable. I hope he knew he was so loved by so many people across this world.

  • Patsy

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  • Ruthy

    This is a lie and you damn well know it. Ask the cemetery themselves! Plenty of other people have!