Watch Fans Break ‘Strict’ Rule At Chris Cornell’s Grave


Yesterday, Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky shared a letter sent to her from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery mentioning their ‘strict filming policy’ that forbids fans from filming at Chris’ grave or anywhere else at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

It states, “We do not allow unpermitted filming anywhere on the Grounds. It is our duty to protect the privacy of all the families who have entrusted us to care for their loved ones. Security is instructed by Hollywood Forever to stop anyone filming. They are instructed to be polite and firm.”

The letter later says, “It is our honor to have your Husband with us. We love that so many of his fans visit and spend the day here. Every time I pass his area, there is someone there visiting Chris. It is beautiful to see and reminds me how special and adored your husband is. Sending healing light and warm thoughts your way.”

Cornell’s management team told fans on Twitter, ““We understand that some of Chris’s fans wish to video their visits at Hollywood Forever, but we’ve had confirmation that it’s against their policy. We’d like to thank everyone for their understanding. – Management Team, Chris Cornell.”

Two news video clips have surfaced of fans filming short videos at Cornell’s grave, as many have this year.