Maynard James Keenan Makes ‘Cryptic’ Announcement Fans Have Been Waiting For


A Perfect Circle fans may finally get the long awaited details on the band’s new album on Tuesday. Frontman Maynard James Keenan has tweeted, “Have your headphones ready Tuesday Morning. New Years treat. Find a nice spot under a tree, by water, mountain view, etc. #crypticenough? #apc2018.” APC released “The Doomed” in late 2017, promising a 2018 new album release.

Keenan was recently accused by a fan of stating that Bridesmaids is the best comedy of all time. The fan tweeted, “I’ve only been up a couple hours but a slightly drunk girl told me the story of the day. She told me that she was roommates with @mjkeenan about six years ago in LA. She told me that MJK believed Bridesmaids is the best comedy of all time. WTF.”

Keenan shot back, “#thatsjustfuckingstupid.”

Actor Eddie McClintock quipped, “Wait a minute! I thought @mjkeenan’s fave movie was ‘Brokeback Mountain?!?!’#WHYCANTIQUITYOU.”