What Nirvana Member Told Friend About Kurt Cobain On His Final Day Alive Is Eerie


Kurt Cobain’s friend John Purkey discussed seeing founding Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic at a concert on April 5, 1994 in a new YouTube video.

“So April 5, 1994, a lot of people are probably familiar with what that date was. Well, I just happened to be going to a Mazzy Star show in Seattle at the Moore Theater. So it’s April 5, 1994, I’m at a Mazzy Star show, I go to the bathroom, and who is in the bathroom? Krist Novoselic.

So of course there was a lot of news about what had been going on with Kurt being in a coma and everything, so I was of course really worried. But I asked him, ‘How is Kurt?’ I kept hearing different things on the news, whatever, and I was pretty worried.

Krist’s words: ‘Don’t believe anything you hear. Kurt is just fine.’ So that made me feel pretty good. So I went home with that thought, I felt like Krist would know. Maybe he thought Kurt was just fine, so anyways, that was pretty disturbing, to look back at that being the day that they said Kurt died.

So supposedly Kurt at that same time, was he at the house, something going on there.”

This was around the time Kurt Cobain was supposed to be in rehab, and April 5th sadly was the day he died by suicide. Watch the video below.

  • Kay B

    Mazzy is a great talent.

    • Trovoid

      I really listened to some of her songs for the first time over the summer. Her voice is hypnotic.

      • Kay B

        I have a disco ball in my living room and I put that on and some incense and play “Fade Into You.” I know that sounds super cheesy but that song is so beautiful.

        • Trovoid

          Love it.

  • Raj

    That was just Krist trying to put on a brave front or he really believed Kurt was getting the help he needed. Krist said after the Rome coma Kurt became super quiet, acted weird and distant. He wanted to end the tour. Sadly, Kurt had everyone fooled, he didn’t want rehab that’s why he went home to die. Why else would his mother be one of the last people he called?