Josh Homme Reveals Why Jim Morrison ‘Couldn’t Sing Really Good’


Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme discussed The Doors and Jim Morrison in a new interview with Adam Buxton (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar). Homme revealed why he loves The Doors and Morrison, despite the fact that Morrison couldn’t sing well.

“I quite like The Doors because they could not exist again, because they seem like a mistake. The guitar player, jazz drummer, organist – like, what is it? A silent movie?

“And then a guy [Jim Morrison] who really is a poet. His lyrics are really beyond but he’s pretty, so let’s denounce it. He can’t sing really good, though.”

Homme added how imperfection is one of the musical aspects he appreciates the most, saying:

“I like the humanity of it all, I like the mistakes. Perfection is something you strive for and not something to actually expect, because it’s crazy.

“And perfection – as we can tell by the modern music’s ability to fix everything – when you make everything perfect there’s no friction. The universe was created by friction, and sex is about friction, so keep the friction going!”